President and Treasurer Email 3/5/19

Good Afternoon Presidents and Treasurers,


Happy Election Day! Before we get into student group updates, I wanted to make sure you all knew that polls are open for you to vote for the new Student Union Executive Board, along with representatives to Treasury, Senate and Olin Business Council, as well as block funding and constitutional amendments. As student leaders, engaging with Student Union elections is a great first step to making an impact on campus, so please take a minute to vote here. You can find more information about the entire ballot here.

Now for updates:

  1. Budgets Released (3/6) and Post-Allocation Office Hours (3/7 & 3/18)

  2. Group Mission Change Application

  3. Responsible Community Training


Budgets Released (3/6) and Post-Allocation Office Hours (3/7 & 3/18):

Student group budgets for Fall 2o19 will be released tomorrow March 6th at 5PM. Budget Committee spent countless hours looking through all group budgets and did their best to effectively allocate the Student Activities Fee to student groups for next semester. If you have questions about the funding your group received, please reach out to Budget Committee Chair, Arjan Kalra, at or stop by post-allocation office hours on Thursday 3/7 from 5:30–8:30PM and/or Monday, March 18th from 5-8PM in the SU Office to talk to myself, Arjan, Alexa, Agneesh and other members of Budget Committee about the way your group’s budget was funded.


Group Mission Change Application:

If you feel that your student group’s mission does not align with your goals for each semester, linked here is a form to change your student group’s mission. Before submitting an application, keep in mind that this form should only be used for relatively small changes and should not dramatically change your group overall. Feel free to reach out to Alexa Jochims, Activities Committee Chair, at with any questions or concerns.


Responsible Community Training:

At SGLT, we introduced the Responsible Community Training pilot program in partnership with Title Mine, LIVE, SARAH, and the RSVP Center. These trainings are intended to make our campus community more supportive and more safe.  For groups participating in the program (mandatory for all CAT I student groups funded for large-scale social events, available to any other interested student group), please fill out this form as soon as possible to schedule your group’s training.  For more information on the resources available through this program, please see the attached flyer.


That’s all the updates we have for this week–let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy Spring Break!