Student Group Fall 2019 Budgets

Dear Student Leaders,


Over the past few weeks, Budget Committee has had the pleasure of discussing each of the 233 budgets they received and learning about your group’s mission. Through the process, Budget Committee allocated $704,068.69 for Category 1 student group events for the upcoming Fall semester. However, through the General Budget process, the funds allocated to Category 1 student group budgets do not make it possible for Student Union to fund 100% of Budget Committee’s allocations. For that reason, Category 1 student groups will only receive 90% of what Budget Committee allocated them for the Fall 2019 semester.


This funding percentage will not apply to equipment items. Additionally, group apparel for all groups were not funded, as the Committee believed the funds that are typically allocated for this event type could be better utilized for group programming. You will now see the amount received for all events/line items in your budgets in the “funded” column on SU Finance.


We recognize that this may pose a challenge to your groups, but we are confident that this is the most consistent way to proceed with Fall 2019 budgets. Budget Committee is able to ensure fairness throughout the allocation process by evaluating each budget independently. The Committee does not take into consideration how much money has been allocated to prior groups in order to avoid giving preference to groups whose budgets are viewed earlier on in the process, but instead evaluates each budget according to the policies and procedures outlined in the Budget Allocation Manual.


We understand that you all have your own priorities within your budgets, so we encourage groups to reallocate funds within event types, reallocate from supplemental events to essential events, and/or draw from fundraising and gifts accounts to secure the funds you need for the events you plan on having next semester.


As always, if you have any questions related to the information above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at and/or Budget Committee Chair Ajran Kalra at Additionally, Agneesh (Speaker of the Treasury), Alexa (Activities Committee Chair), Arjan and I will be available for post-allocation office hours tomorrow, Thursday 3/7 from 5:30–8:30PM in the SU Office and Budget Committee members, along with Treasury leadership and myself, will be holding another set of post-allocation office hours on Monday 3/18 from 5–8PM in the SU Office. We encourage you all to come talk to us about your budgets, whether that be at these office hours or through setting up meetings with us.


Student Union is committed to helping you through this process in whatever ways we can to ensure your group’s success next semester and beyond.