President and Treasurer Email 3/19/19

Hello Presidents and Treasurers,

Happy Tuesday and welcome back from Spring Break! This will be the last email you receive from me and Exec 52, as our term ends today. I speak for all of us when I say it has been our pleasure working with you for the past year! I have personally been inspired by the hard work and dedication you all put into your student groups, so thank you for the great things you do for our campus community.

Here a few things to keep on your radar as we reach the halfway point of the semester:

  1. Fall 2019 Budgets Released
  2. Last Day to Program for Spring 2019
  3. New Student Union Executive Board

Fall 2019 Budgets Released:

Student group budgets for Fall 2o19 are now available to view on SU Finance. If you haven’t had a chance to look at your budget yet, I strongly encourage you do so. If you have any questions, please reach out to Arjan, Budget Committee Chair, at

Last Day to Program:

The Last Day to Program is April 28th. Groups may request an exception by filling out a WUGO form that we will send to you in the coming weeks. Exceptions are made for study-break type events with minimal planning involved. If missing the event will negatively impact members in any way, the event will not be approved. This is just a heads-up to keep the date in mind; more information will be sent out soon.

New Student Union Executive Board:

A few weeks ago, the student body elected the 53rd Student Union Executive Board, who will all take office later today after SU’s inauguration ceremony. Here’s a list of the new Exec and their positions:

  • President: Tyrin Troung
  • Vice President of Administration: Nia Plump
  • Vice President of Finance: Ariel Ashie
  • Vice President of Programming: Charlotte Pohl
  • Vice President of Public Relations: Beth Weisinger

You’re in good hands with Exec 53 and we’re excited to see what the next term brings!