Senate Committee Project Updates

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness Committee along with many other student groups are meeting next week to start planning for Mental Health Awareness Week in March 2020. FYCC, Campus and Residential Experience Committee, and Health and Wellness Committee are also collaborating to increase menstrual health products across campus. The committee is also evaluating various platforms to consolidate health and wellness resources for students. 

Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs committee is finalizing a written proposal to extend the Add/Drop deadline which will be sent to the deans of the undergraduate academic divisions by the end of this week. The committee will meet with the deans on November 11th to discuss this proposal and hopes to reach a decision on the extension. 

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Committee is currently doing research for a report on WashU policies for students who reside in non-WashU housing. Interest forms were sent out to student groups for a Person of Color Subcommittee. The committee has also been organizing meetings with the admission faculty about the possibility of a Cultural/Affinity Group Fair.

Campus and Residential Experience

Campus and Residential Experience announced that paper compostable straws are now available in Bear’s Den and dining services are also expected to be launching a new sippy cup that does not require straws. Campus Swipe Access has been expanded to allow students in Residential to swipe into Mudd Multipurpose room, the Village First Floor Lobby, Lopata First Floor Lobby, and Lofts 6300/6263 Lobby. The Green Energy report and resolution are expected to be voted on October 28th. The committee has also been working on a report on Safety recommendations which was drafted by Senators Amaan and Sophie and this will be presented to WUPD this week.