Update on Election Commissioner


On Monday 11/18, the Student Union Executive Officers voted on the Recall Petition for Election Commissioner. It did not pass with 2/3 majority of the Executive Board. The results can be read here. Last night, 11/19, at the joint legislative session, Treasury motioned to impeach the Election Commissioner. The motion was deliberated on and passed with 2/3 of Treasurers and the majority of Senators (minutes to be released). The articles of impeachment would then be sent to Constitutional Council for a final hearing. Today, 11/20, the Election Commissioner resigned from her position. Constitutional Council will not need to proceed in this case.

We are now accepting applications for a new Election Commissioner, which can be found here and is due by November 26th at 12 AM. 

Please stay tuned for more updates from leaders of the legislative bodies. 

Questions? Please email any of the Student Union Executive Officers.

Thank you!