President & Treasurer Email 3/24/20

Hi All,

I hope you all had a smooth transition to your online classes! I’ve included most of last week’s information below, along with some information regarding Carryforward requests. In addition, members of SU’s Executive Board have compiled the University’s information and clarifications from our conversations with University administrators on the COVID-19 Corner of the SU Website. Please feel free to take a look, share the link in your groups, and email any of us if you feel that there is additional information you would like us to add or clarify.

Here is the information that can be found below:

  • Carryforward Requests
  • Re-Registration
  • Reimbursements + Refunds
  • Contracts [signed and unsigned]
  • Fall 2020 Budgets
  • COVID-19 Resources + Feedback Form

Carryforward Requests:

Recognizing that most, if not all of you, had to cancel a significant portion of your programming for the remainder of the Spring semester, I understand that many of you will want to look into requesting Carryforwards to move some of your Spring 2020 funding to Fall 2020 for certain events. Unfortunately, to ensure that the Student Activities Fee is used for all current undergraduate students and also to ensure we do not overprogram in the fall, I’ve included several criteria for the Carryforward requests that can be considered for the fall. All Carryforward requests are due by Monday, April 13.

  • Carryforward requests only apply to the following allocated accounts: operating, appeals and revenue. Fundraising and gifts accounts automatically carried forward to the next semester.
  • Carryforward requests are made for funds that are not spent for a reason outside of the group’s control or appeals that were granted in the spring that need to be spent in the fall semester. Requests will be granted on a case-by-case basis by the VP of Finance and SU Business Manager. Examples of requests may include speaker cancellations, vendors not sending bills in a timely manner and/or weather-related circumstances.
  • Carryforward requests will not be granted for supplemental events (GBMs, Info Sessions, Socials, etc.). Large-scale socials will be considered only if your group does not have a large-scale social planned for the fall.
  • If your group has the same program / event planned for the fall for which you are requesting a carryforward, these requests will unfortunately not be seen.

To request a carryforward, please follow these steps:

  • Go to SUFinance
  • Fill out a request form
  • Select type of request
  • Carryforward request
  • In the description, please explain in detail the reason your group is requesting this carryforward
  • Select requested amount
  • Enter the amount of funds requested to be carried forward in the correct amount

For groups that submit a carryforward request, the president and treasurer listed in SU Finance can expect an email by April 30 with the decision about the carryforward request. Additional questions can be directed to


Student group re-registration is approaching! Please be on the lookout for an email from Campus Life explaining how to go about re-registering your student group. The faster you re-register your student group and update the next group leadership, the easier it will be for your group to operate in the fall.

Reimbursements + Refunds:

All expense requests are due Monday, April 6 to allow the Business Coordinators to accurately process reimbursements and close all SU accounts; please submit all requests as soon as you are able so we can best determine how all of our accounts look. No spending should be occurring at this point — if you have questions about this, feel free to reach out to your Business Coordinator. For groups that used the SU Visa prior to Spring Break, please upload the receipts into the requests so that we can process the payments that have reached that card. With this, please make sure to provide the mailroom with the forwarding address you will be using (after March 9) to ensure that you receive any reimbursements. 

For refunds, we must keep track of how all refunds are being distributed, particularly for travel-related expenses. Please continue to fill out this form so that we can keep track of how refunds are being sent back to students / SU! If you have any questions about how to go about requesting a refund and where to send it, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Business Coordinator.


Please reach out to Beth Doores for guidance in cancelling a signed contract. If postponing a fully executed contract is an option for a speaker, we encourage you to work with Campus Life to do so! For unsigned/partial contracts, please work with your respective contact to cancel the event. If you need additional support, you can reach out to Campus Life to officially pull out of the contract. More information and resources can be found here

Fall 2020 Budgets:

We still encourage you all to reach out to Zachary Sorensen with any concerns, questions, or feedback you have regarding your Fall 2020 budgets. We are still determining what Post-Allocation Office Hours will look like for the remainder of the year. Regardless, please do not hesitate to let Zach know if you would like to talk through your budget with him or your BAT leaders over email or ~Zoom~.

COVID-19 Resources + Feedback Form:

  • You can share your concerns with us through this form. While we will make every effort to share your concerns with university officials, please note that this is a feedback form and we will not be able to address each response directly.
  • Resources can be both accessed and offered in this spreadsheet.
  • University + SU updates can be found on the SU Website’s COVID-19 Corner.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any additional questions / concerns / feedback.