Treasury Minutes 6/09/2020

Student Union Treasury

Meeting Minutes

Date: 6/9/20

  1. Call to Order

Speaker of the Treasury called to order the Treasury session at 8:00pm CDT today on Zoom.

  1.  Roll Call
1Fadel AlkilaniBC ChairFallP
2Stephanie SarkarBCSpringP
3Raghed Abdel-TawabBCFallP
5Hannah ShapiroACSpringP
6Zoë HancockAC ChairSpringP
7David WanACFallA
8Jon LiBCSpringA
9Alim MerchantBCSpringP
10Joel BrodyBCSpringP
12Malar MuthukumarBCSpringP
13Max RoitblatACSpringP
14Bryan PeltierACFallP
15Jeremy KunenACFallA
16Elaine SohBCSpringP
17Zachary SorensenSpeakerFallP
18Keith NelsonACFallA
19Faith NgundiACSpringP
21Otto BrownBCFallP

* P – Present     T – Tardy     A – Absent     E – Excused

  1. SAF Reallocation Proposals

Budget Item: Issuu

Proposed Allocation: $5,000 

DecisionIssuu funded for $5,000

Decision Rationale:
Issuu is essential to publication student groups and non-physical forms of publication will be extremely important when coming back from this pandemic.

Budget Item: Crisis Response Fund

Proposed Allocation: $80,000

DecisionCrisis Response Fund vote tabled to the next session

Decision Rationale:
The Crisis Response Fund is something that Treasury has contributed a significant amount to in the past, and Treasury is unwilling to commit more money until some lingering questions are answered regarding the university’s contributions and the process by which the fund is allocated.

    Budget Item: Partial Undergrad SAF Refund

Proposed Allocation: $110 for every student who paid a SAF for the 2019-2020 school year

DecisionTreasury approved issuing a $110 refund in some form to every student who paid a SAF for the 2019-20 school year

Decision Rationale:
The $110 refund is something that a lot of people could use right now and as it is SU’s duty to responsibly allocate the SAF, Treasury felt that returning a portion of last year’s SAF to students who paid it but then were robbed of its full use by the coronavirus pandemic is an excellent use.
  1. Discussion over MHF Expendable Fund & Potential RA Stipend
  2. Updates
R&R is ramping up recruitment efforts in anticipation of the Fall 2020 semester so please stay tuned if they reach out to you to help with recruitment efforts.Anne(EVP)
Financial Overhaul is looking a bit different now due to the pandemic so stay tuned for further developments.  Based on the discussions earlier, I will look into further options for disbursing the rest of the SAF.  Our black lives matter fundraiser is currently sitting at $13,000 and our goal is to reach $50,000 so please spread the word!  We’re putting together some videos to PR student groups to incoming first years so please if you have any contacts in student groups let them know about this.Alexa(VPF)
We hope to use participation by students in our fundraiser to get the University and local businesses to donate as well.  There will be town halls next week with administrators where you can ask questions about what next semester will look like and how WashU is responding to the BLM movement.Arjan(VPE)
  1. Adjournment
Session Adjourned At:10:27PM CDT
Minutes Submitted By:Bryan Peltier
Minutes Approved By:Zachary Sorensen