President & Treasurer Email 8/14/20

Hi all,

I hope you have been safe and well this summer. Now that the University’s fall plan has been released, I have a number of important updates for you all. Please scroll toward the bottom of the email for registration links and other important updates for the Fall Activities Fair!

Fall Financial Calendar:

  • August 24 – 28: Fall Activities Fair
  • September 14: SU Finance reopens
  • TBD: Student Group Leaders Training
  • September 25: New Group Recognition & Category Change applications due
  • October 7: Spring 2021 budgets due 

Fall Student Group Budgets:

In light of the extensive programming restrictions and significant changes to our fall budget, we will not be depositing money directly into student group accounts. Instead, financial requests will take place through a virtual appealing process, regardless of your status as a Category I-IV group or entity. This excludes block-funded groups. The same limits will apply – for example, Category IV groups can appeal for up to $150. After September 1, we will outline the specific steps to appeal for funding for your group and how this relates to in-person programming requests through Campus Life. Feel free to reach out with any questions about this!

Groups in ‘Hibernation’:

We are looking into creating a ‘hibernation phase’ for groups that do not plan to be active this semester. This will allow us to temporarily consider you non-functional without declaring you inactive so that you do not have to re-register and/or lose your category status when things return to normal. If you are interested in this status for your group or have any additional questions, please email Zoë Hancock at

Voter Registration:

Now is a good time for you and members of your group to ensure that your voter registration is accurate for the upcoming elections! If your address is changing next school year, you can update your voter registration using TurboVote. If you have never registered to vote and are interested in doing so, you can also do that at the TurboVote link. Feel free to pass this information along to others in your student group, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to

Fall Activities Fair:

The Fall Activities Fair will be held Monday, August 24 – Friday, August 28. Please see the schedule below – questions can be directed to

  • Monday, August 24: Diversity & Inclusion
  • Tuesday, August 25: Engagement & Action
  • Wednesday, August 26: Fine Arts
  • Thursday, August 27: Academic
  • Friday August 28: Sports Clubs / Special Interest / University Departments / Student Union

Attached to this email is the most current version of the excel sheet with category placements. For the fair, please keep in mind that your Zoom link will not appear if you do not register for your assigned day. To register, you will need to go to your group’s WUGO page and click “Manage Organization.” You will see the links to sign up in the “Action Center.” Make sure to include a Zoom link to your group’s session (please set this up before registering). Keep in mind that while the RSVP option on the standard event page will register individuals for the event, it will not register your group. Your group can technically sign up for more than one day (ex. as a cultural and service group), but you will need to be able to staff a Zoom session for the full 2.5 hours on each day you sign up. There is no technical deadline for these forms, but I do ask that you fill them out at least one day before the event begins.

In terms of fair logistics, attached here is a link to a set of instructions made by WUGO’s parent company, Campus Labs. Here is some additional information from Peggy Hermes and Zoë:

When students ‘enter’ the fair they will see a few options for engagement. Their screen will be filled with the names of student groups in small placard-like boxes that they can interact with.  The following buttons will be available for each student group:

  • “Request to Join” will add the student’s information to the group’s contact list.
  • “Meet Online” will take the student into a Zoom session with the group (using the link your group provided).
  • “Contact” will allow the student to send the leadership of the group a message with any questions they may have.

The Activities Fair will take place from 12:00-2:30pm CST each day. During this time, each student group will host a Zoom meeting for students to enter, ask questions, meet members, etc. Your whole group does not have to be present, and the same group of members does not need to be present the whole time. You can schedule/assign different members as you like!

As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions / comments / concerns.