President & Treasurer Email 9/8/20

Hi all,

I hope you all have been safe and well as you prepare for the fall semester. As we finalize plans on the SU end this fall, I have a number of important updates for all student group presidents, treasurers, and advisors.

Miscellaneous Updates:

  • New Group Recognition and Category Change applications are due Friday, September 25! Questions can be directed to
  • The SU Office will be closed this fall. Access will be very limited to a need-only basis, and will need to be coordinated through Campus Life. Additional updates to come.
  • Student Group Leaders Training will be conducted in a virtual format this fall. We are currently planning the details and content, and will provide more specific updates regarding if training will be conducted via live webinars or pre-recorded sessions.
  • With the anticipation that COVID will continue to impact the Spring 2021 semester, we are looking into what this means for Category I and II groups in their budget submission for Spring 2021. More updates will be provided in the next several weeks.

Financial Updates:

  • Due to the significant changes in programming + on-campus activity this fall, the Fall Student Activities Fee has been significantly reduced to only essential costs at $50/student (from the original $281/student). As a result, SU’s budget is also dramatically lower this fall and will only cover our core needs.
  • Category I-V student groups will not receive flat deposits nor their approved budgets this fall. Instead, all financial requests will take place through an appealing process; financial requests can only be received following programming approval from Campus Life through a separate form.
  • Two formal documents will be available this fall. The updated SU Financial Guidelines will be published this week and – more importantly – the COVID-19 student group guide will be finalized and published prior to Monday, September 14. This guide will include a) Campus Life’s programming restrictions + programming request details, b) SU’s funding / appealing restrictions + request details, and c) the Business Coordinators’ spending guidelines + processes. 
  • The combination of our significant budgetary constraints and the appealing process for all Category I-IV groups means that we expect to face many financial constraints this semester. More specific details will be shared this week; with that said, if you have any additional questions once reading through the fall guidelines, please do not hesitate to reach out to!

Groups in ‘Hibernation’:

We are looking into creating a ‘hibernation phase’ for groups that do not plan to be active this semester. This will allow you to temporarily consider you non-functional without declaring you inactive so that you do not have to re-register and/or lose your category status when things return to normal. If you are interested in this status for your group or have any additional questions, please email ZoĆ« Hancock at

Voter Registration:

Now is a good time for you and members of your group to ensure that your voter registration is accurate for the upcoming elections! If your address is changing next school year, you can update your voter registration using TurboVote. If you have never registered to vote and are interested in doing so, you can also do that at the TurboVote link. Feel free to pass this information along to others in your student group, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions / concerns. Thanks for your patience!

All the best,