Treasury Minutes 10/20/2020

Student Union Treasury

Meeting Minutes

Date: 10/20/20

  1. Call to Order

Speaker of the Treasury called to order the online Treasury session at 8:00PM today.

  1.  Roll Call
1Fadel AlkilaniBC ChairFallP
2Stephanie SarkarBCSpringP
3Raghed Abdel-TawabBCFallP
4Justina GuoACP
5Hannah ShapiroACSpringP
6Zoë HancockAC ChairSpringP
7David WanACFallELeft early: Excused by Speaker
8Jon LiBCSpringP
9Alim MerchantBCSpringP
10Joel BrodyBCSpringP
11Mishka NarasimhanACEExcused by Speaker
12Malar MuthukumarBCSpringP
13Max RoitblatBCSpringP
14Bryan PeltierACFallP
15Jeremy KunenACFallEExcused by Speaker
16Jordan WagnerBCP
17Zachary SorensenSpeakerFallP
18Keith NelsonACFallA
19Faith NgundiACSpringA
20Melinda XuACEExcused by Speaker
21Otto BrownBCFallP

* P – Present     T – Tardy     A – Absent     E – Excused

  1. Class Council Appointments
    1. Recommended candidates by Michelle Wang – Senior Class Council President
      1. Keyon Kazempour
      2. Adin Ehrlich
      3. Q&A
Bryan – Adin what was your favorite moment and why?Seeing how all of the work for WILD pay off and all he learned from SU,
Tennyson – What is the biggest challenge you are facing this semester and how do you plan on solving itKeyon – Obviously COVID, but also making all activities equitable for everyoneAdin – Hardest thing is planning out Senior Week given Spring Semester’s unknowns
Fadel – Was there an application process? Do the applications still exist?Michelle – Our decision was made based on what would be the best mass email to send out to our class. Keyon’s name came up multiple times and he was obviously well equipped. Really good chemistry is important and a strong organization as well. People who both Beth, their advisor, and Michelle thought were suitable were chosen. It wasn’t the right time to send out applications
  1. Discussion
Tennyson – Keyon will do a great job because of his unique perspective
Nkemjika – Aydin and Keyon both seem qualified. I had concerns about the selection process. I am concerned about handpicking candidates even with advisor approval
Charlotte – The positions were open after elections and then COVID hit. We put out an application for Junior Class council and received no responses, prompting us to decide to move forward with this appointment strategy.
Fadel – I have no problem with the candidates./ I find that the process was done this way uncomfortable because it leads to the perception that people are just tapping their friends. Typically what we would do is we would ask everyone we know may be interested in the process to apply. The application provides goals, general atmosphere, etc in one place. The application provides a platform from which to ask questions. Regardless of the process, the same people would likely be chosen and there is nothing unconstitutional. While personally uncomfortable and though I think this shouldn’t be done again, I think this is ok this time. I think this can propagate systems of inequity in SU. I will vote to confirm.
Phillip – I think they are both qualified but I think it would be better practice to reach out to people to reply in the future.
Zoe – I agree with Fadel. Realistically, this isn’t ideal, but I think that given the situation, there aren’t many alternatives and it is important to fill the positions quickly. I don’t see this happening in the future. It’s unideal but not a big enough deal to make this the hill to die on. Motion to confirm.
  1. Votes
DecisionThe candidates were confirmed on the treasury side and were afterwards confirmed by senate
  1. Recommended candidates by Jerome Nashedv – Nominee for President of Junior Class Council
    1. Julian – VP of Programming
    2. Lucas Hersh – VP of Finance
    3. Logan Krohn – VP of PR
    4. Ben Hirshman – VP of Administration
    5. Q&A
Fadel – Are all 5 nominees members of any specific overrepresented groupJerome – All part of the same fraternity, Kappa Sigma. Reached out to people he is closest with whose character he knows best and knows how strongly they have leadership and ambition.
Gaby – How would the appointees plan to advocate for individuals who are part of different identities + marginalized students on campusLogan – A lot of my work is focused on Diversity and Inclusion. One of my goals on this council will be making sure that diversity is included. Plans to not be long term and allow for a more diverse group.
Fadel – What was your involvement in the abolish Greek Life movement? What is your view of the harm fraternities have caused? Are you still part of the Kappa Sigma fraternity?Jerome – There were talks of disbanding, which hadn’t come to fruition. We personally think that, given the current environment and the isolation of Greek Life, we haven’t come to a specific conclusion because there aren’t in person events. The conversations are ongoing.Logan – Part of the abolish greek life movement while still a member of Kappa Sigma. Lucas – On Kappa Sigma exec. Does not speak for fraternity. Part of the reason they haven’t been able to come to any conclusions is because there is negligible involvement during COVID. Making rush inclusive and with no financial barrier
  1. Discussion
Nkemjika – Wanted to ask a repeat of Gabby’s question as Logan was the only one who really answered it. I do think that a big part of being on the council is being able to advocate for the student body as a whole. It also doesn’t seem like a very diverse population. 
Fadel – I am not in favor of confirming all 5 of the candidates presented. This is antithetical to the whole point of having a class council – all in the same fraternity and the same group. When we saw how groups were hurt by Greek Life, it is concerning that those who propagated those systems was
Nicole – They are complicit in Greek Life issues. The issues with Greek Life are larger than just a lack of programming This is against what SU has been working towards
Mishka – Wouldn’t confirm due to lack of diversity due to having no women and a non diverse group in activities as well. Wanted to ask as question, but motion to move to discussion passed.
Phillip – I was disappointed by their answer to Gabby’s question. in favor of confirming Logan at least since he gave a good answer. The way they talked about Greek Life didn’t sit right with me. 
Zoe – The question of whether people who are on Greek Life are not one we considered for Senior council. I do hear concerns that they are all part of the same organization. We also have to be equitable with our judgements
Gavy – I think we should evaluate based on their comments. Phillip suggested confirming just Logan. Studlife article outlined his involvement in the recruitment process of two individuals who committed sexual assault.
Malar – I agree with a lot of the sentiments about not being comfortable with the lack of diversity. I also remember that the only attempt towards diversity was contacting one other person. That doesn’t bode well for future decisions.
Phillip – I am not in favor of confirming anyone
Fadel – I think we can’t nominate all 5 people. The process for these 5 was not equitable.
Nkemjika – Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My main concern is the representation and their ability to represent others first and foremost. While there is that StudLife article, we can’t use that to decide.
Raghed – I agree with Nkemjika. When it comes to voting, use your own judgement. Don’t jump on the bandwagon. Each of us should vote from our own perspective. Motion to vote as a unit of 5. Objection from Zoe
Motion to vote on individual basis passes. Vote failed in Senate
Zoe- The fact that we are voting for candidates individually without knowing their names is uncomfortable to me. The conversation got twisted towards abolition of Greek Life.
Motion to table until next time presented passes. 
  1. Votes
DecisionConfirmation is tabled until the next time it is presented
  1. Recommended candidates by Miri Goodman – Sophomore Council President
    1. Ray Wang – VP of Admin
    2. Daniel – VP of Finance
    3. Liam Dai – VP of PR
    4. Q&A
Malar – It is hard to connect with COVID. Any specific ideas on how? Daniel – One thing we thought was a game night. Some people in person, some off campus. Our priority is getting people involved even in a Zoom environment. We’ve been thinking a lot about thatRay- sent a survey to sophomore class over summer. Game night is pretty important, Halloween eventLiam – Beyond Boundaries does trivia nights that work well. We are looking at small frisbee games and things like that
Fadel – Have any of you had past SU experience? Not a disqualifying question, just curious.Daniel – Applied to be Treasury Rep, was placed on Budget Committee. Ended up not committing to Budget Committee. Felt he couldn’t provide that at the time, but is now super excitedRay- have been of CS40 but not SU eventsLiam – Not previously worked with SU or CS40. Activities are WUSA and beyond boundaries
  1. Discussion
Zoe – I did like what Daniel said about being able to put a lot of time, effort, and intention into the position. If he went through the interview process for Budget Committee, he is obviously qualified.
Nkemjika – I liked how transparent and intentional they were. They had already started talking and that was a good sign of commitment
Alim – Their candidness and planning speaks well for their capability
  1. Voting
DecisionThe candidates were confirmed on the treasury side and were afterwards confirmed by senate
  1. Election Commission Appointments
    1. Recommended Candidates by Madhulika Kastury
      1. Bonnie Segel
      2. Rene Brooks
      3. Jeremy Stiava
    2. Q&A
Phillip: What made you excited about applying+the job Bonnie – I think elections are very important and people need to be aware of what they are voting for and why.Rene- I want people to get out there and vote especially in times like these.Jeremey – I believe SU is very important to any school and is important for elections and that is what I want to promote
Otto – in addition to SU elections, what plans do you have for the details of voting in the general electionRene – Reaching out to wusas and ras and making sure that the networks are meshed together for upperclassmen. Working with gephardt
Nicole – Obviously things look different this year. How do you plan on increasing voter turnout and connecting with off campus
Jeremy – email, we understand this year is difficult, but I think we are up for the challenge.
  1. Discussion
Phillip – they seem excited and seem like they’ll do a good job.
Fadel – I am also in favor of confirming
Otto – If you have a tie, how do you plan on addressing that?
Madhulika – I would take both sides into account and involve other exec members and take Will (the advisor)’s advice. I would make the decision.
  1. Voting
DecisionThe candidates were confirmed on the senate side and the treasury side
  1. Election Rules Presentation
    1. Rules
      1. No entering open doors for election
      2. Discouraged the distribution of prepackaged food for campaign – Peggy Hermes – campus life does not allow any food, so it is likely to say no – open to a rule of no in person campaigning
      3. All in person events must be pre-approved
      4. All campaign events have a Zoom component to make elections equitable for online students
      5. When posting on Social Media, candidate must tag SU in all posts – throughout the entire course of the election period
      6. Candidates may not use SU logo on campaign materials
      7. For physical fliers, no more than two per bulletin board
    2. Ranked choice Voting
      1. Proposal is ranked choice voting for elections with one winner. A majority would win, not a plurality. 
    3. Q&A
Fadel – Are you planning on including this in the rulesYes it is on the document. It should also have dates and other info. 
Fadel – Why weren’t we given the packet beforehandPacket was never received by treasury
  1. Discussion
Fadel – We should ban in person campaigning. University COVID cases have increased by 500%. It makes it safer for everyone
Otto – Fadel has a good point. Equity of virtual campaigning is more than in person.Zoe – Agree with ban for in person campaigning. It isn’t fair and equitable for candidates either. Freshman can’t enter dorms they don’t live in. Advantage of Umrath over other dorms. Most of us have campaigned online anyways
Phillip – It enhances inequities if we allow in person
Motion to vote on all rules pre-established in addition to no in person and no food dispersal. Objection from Fadel who yields time to EthanEthan – Is it for first year council alone or general?
Madhulika – I would prefer if we only voted on FYCC
Fadel – Does anyone have an objection to ranked choice voting in the FYCC election? Motion to vote on entire election packet barring in person events barring in person events and food distribution.
  1. Voting
DecisionThe election packet passes treasury with no in person events and Ranked Choice voting
  1. Statutory Change
    1. Proposal is changing the definition of available to include “including constituents who are taking online classes offered by Washington University in St. Louis”
    2. Q&A
Otto – This does not cover abroad studentsZach – Yes
  1. Discussion
Otto – I think this is a great change. It keeps everyone involved even over Zoom
  1. Votes
DecisionThe Statutory Change Passes
  1. Updates
Speaker and Committee Chair:
Next week should run smoother. Stick around after updates for appealsZach(Speaker)
Peggy is back! The Activity Committee will begin looking at applications tomorrow.Zoë(AC Chair)
Planning on the last general budget run for ‘21 on Tuesday at 8 PM. Similar to Fall Planning. Budget will be similar to fall. Can’t guarantee that the finalized budget will be sent by Friday, but over the weekend general plan will be sent. Small increase in program dollars, otherwise similar to this semesterAlexa(VPF)
Make sure you get your Flu Shots.Janice
  1. Joint Session Adjournment
Session Adjourned At:10:48pm
Minutes Submitted By:Alim Merchant
Minutes Approved By:Zachary Sorensen
  1. Appeals

Student Group: African Students Association

Title of Event: Africa Week Speaker Event with Aya Chebbi

Amount Requested: $5000

Amount Approved: $5000

Dollar AmountMain Motion/AmendmentYesNoAbs.Total
1$5000Main Motion150015
Decision Rationale:
Zoom provides a good opportunity to meet with people from very different parts of the world. Additionally, we have already budgeted for having multiple such events, and this event is a great opportunity to make a meaningful impact on campus for both in person and virtual students.
  1. Treasury Session Adjournment
Session Adjourned At:11:10 PM
Minutes Submitted By:Alim Merchant
Minutes Approved By:Zachary Sorensen