Treasury Minutes 10/27/2020

Student Union Treasury

Meeting Minutes

Date: 10/27/2020

  1. Call to Order

Speakers of the Treasury and Senate called to order the joint session at 8:00PM today on Zoom.

  1.  Roll Call
1Fadel AlkilaniBC ChairFallP
2Stephanie SarkarBCSpringP
3Raghed Abdel-TawabBCFallP
4Justina GuoACE
5Hannah ShapiroACSpringP
6Zoë HancockAC ChairSpringP
7David WanACFallP
8Jon LiBCSpringT
9Alim MerchantBCSpringE
10Joel BrodyBCSpringA
11Mishka NarasimhanACP
12Malar MuthukumarBCSpringP
13Max RoitblatBCSpringP
14Bryan PeltierACFallP
15Jeremy KunenACFallP
16Jordan WagnerBCP
17Zachary SorensenSpeakerFallP
18Keith NelsonACFallA
19Faith NgundiACSpringP
20Melinda XuACP
21Otto BrownBCFallP

* P – Present     T – Tardy     A – Absent     E – Excused

  1. Election Commission Confirmation 

    Nominee: Karsin Dass

    Rationale: Interested in increasing civic engagement for SU and nationwide

  1. Q&A
Tennyson – How are you going to increase voter turnout?Unique year due to COVID-19, plan to use social media and have big presence to get people out to vote
Nkemjika – What do you think is the most important role of an election commissioner?Getting people excited to vote and getting people out to vote not only for SU and presidential/midterm elections should be the main goal
David – How do you plan to increase participation in elections?People don’t want to vote because they don’t know enough about the candidates, so want to create a centralized platform where candidates can post their information and students can find it
Otto – How to inform students so they can make an informed choice?Using neutral news sources, direct quotes when publicizing info
  1. Vote
DecisionKarsin’s passion and ideas make him a strong candidate for the position. The nominee was confirmed on the Treasury side and was afterwards confirmed by Senate.

IV.    Legislative Election Rules

The rules for the upcoming Student Union election were presented by the Election Commissioner for discussion and vote.

  • Most notable changes require candidates to hold all events remotely and prevent in-person campaigning of any kind (flyering, chalking, going to dorms, etc.).
DecisionThe Fall 2020 election rules were approved in Senate and in Treasury after review for equity for those who are running and attending WashU virtual this semester.

V.    Spring 2021 General Budget

Due to COVID-19, the General Budget for the Spring 2020 semester has been modified. These mainly include the elimination of most supplemental line items. The Vice President of Finance has brought these revisions to Treasury and Senate for review and approval. The proposed budget estimates 5,750 students enrolled in the spring and balances out to a $50 Student Activities Fee.


  • Concerns expressed over the allocation of $30,000 for Senior Week due to the undefined nature of the possible event and the possibility that it may not happen due to continuing COVID measures
    • Alexa – If this money is not earmarked for the Senior Class Council, it would drop into the general appeals account
  • Senior Week line item lowered to $0 and Appeals account increased by $30,000

    Vote on full Spring 2021 General Budget (Treasury’s count):

DecisionThe secondary proposed Spring 2021 General Budget was approved by the Senate and Treasury together.

VI.    Open Forum


VII.    Updates

Speaker and Committee Chair:
First Treasury appeal was last week. Out of the $36,000 that was budgeted for appeals this Fall, we have allocated $10,161.49 so far and we are halfway through the semester. No meeting on 11/3 but will be meeting on the 10th where there will most likely be an appeal.Zach(Speaker)
NoneZoë(AC Chair)
NoneFadel(BC Chair)
Survey has gone out regarding spring semester planningRanen (Prez)
Thank you for sitting through three rounds of this budget! Tuition Forum is after Thanksgiving break.Alexa(VPF)
Among Us for SU next week, more details coming soon…Anne (EVP)
NoneArjan (VPE)
Vacancy on Senior Class Council for VPPR, application already open.Charlotte (VPP)

VIII.    Adjournment

Session Adjourned At:9:56 PM
Minutes Submitted By:Max Roitblat
Minutes Approved By:Zachary Sorensen