100. Overview of Different Organizations on Campus

All new or returning Presidents and Treasurers are required to register every semester on the SU Finance website (https://sufinance.wustl.edu)

All student-run organizations on campus can be classified under three distinct categories:

  1. SU-recognized student groups
  2. Block Funded
  3. SU Entities (i.e. Class Councils, Diversity Affairs Council, Green Events Commission, and SchoolCouncils)

SU-recognized student groups

Almost all student clubs and organizations come under this classification. They are funded by Student Union Treasury and are categorized into Category I, II, and III according to their funding needs.

Block Funded

Block Funded groups are student organizations that are given guaranteed, direct funding from Student Union and they do not undergo the budget allocation by Student Union Treasury. Block Funding petitions are submitted annually in the Spring semester. Please contact the Vice President of Finance ( ude.l1516446837tsuw.1516446837us@ec1516446837nanif1516446837) to find out more about the Block Funding process.

SU Entities

SU Entities are the executive branches of Student Union and they include Class Councils, Diversity Affairs Council, Engage 360, Green Events Commission, School Councils, Social Programming Board, Sports Club Board, SU Public Relations Committee.