112. Forming a New Student Group

To form a new student group, please submit an application through su.wustl.edu. Click “Resources” and “New Group Application”. A typed constitution – containing a statement of the group’s purpose, membership requirements, method of selecting and impeaching officers, and the means of altering the constitution – needs to be included in the submission. It is recommended that you view the Sample Group Constitution when drafting a new constitution.

Once you submit an application, your group will be added to the docket to appeal to the Activities Committee (AC). The AC Chair will schedule a time for your group to make this appeal and contact you with that information. (**Please note that if you miss the deadline to apply for group recognition during the current semester, it might be a little while before your group is contacted due to the fact that your group would not be recognized until the following semester.) The presentation will be 5-10 minutes long and members of the committee may have questions for you. The committee will then go into closed discussion and vote to approve or decline the application.

If the application is approved, it will go before Treasury the following Tuesday for a final vote. It is strongly encouraged that you attend this Treasury session so that you may answer any questions from Treasury representatives regarding your group before the final vote. Once Treasury has voted to approve AC’s recommendation, the change will take effect immediately. All approved new student groups will need to contact the AC Chair ( ude.l1516304171tsuw.1516304171us@se1516304171itivi1516304171tca1516304171) to schedule a meeting to go over rules, regulations, and resources. Cat I and II groups can also contact the Budget Committee Chair ( ltsuw1516304171.us@t1516304171egdub1516304171. edu) regarding the budget allocation process.