314. Copy and Print Policy

The copy machines in the Student Union are provided for copying and printing needed for group related purposes only. Each group will be given a $300 balance for the year:

  1. Color copies 10 cents each; same price for double sided color
  2. B/W copies 5 cents each; same price for double sided B/W
  3. If additional copies are needed, fill out an Expense Request Form and hand it directly to the Business
    Coordinator of the day.

Student Union has the ability to monitor any copies produced on these machines. If an SU group copy code is used by anyone for personal or non group purposes the group will be fined $50 from their fundraising account and will lose printing privileges for the rest of the semester.

See a student worker to get your group’s copy code. The copy machines are the perfect tools for creating flyers, table tents, booklets, poster (11×17 and legal size), and other event publicity materials. The machines have many advanced capabilities including, sorting, stapling, folding, double sided print, copying on card stock, reducing, and enlarging.