315. Email and Web Space

SU recognized student groups can request to have a website, if the following criteria are met:

  1. A group member will agree to be the “webmaster” and maintain the website throughout the semester.
    • This includes making changes to the content to display current group information at least once during the semester.
    • Any website that is not updated in a given semester is subject to removal from the WUSTL domain.
  2. The website is actually useful.
    • Before requesting to have a website, please consider how your group plans to use it.
      • Will it be used to communicate with other group members?
      • Will it be used to collect information from site visitors, such as signup forms or email lists?
      • Will it be updated regularly to share important dates or provide downloadable content?
  3. Have you checked out the SU Group Directory (any group that is not highlighted in red is still in need of setting up a WUGO page) and the Washington University Student Group Organizer to see if your group has a WUGO page?
    • SU recognized groups must set up a WUGO page before they will be allowed to have a website
    • WUGO might be what you are looking for as it can handle most common tasks that would satisfy the needs of your group.
    • If you want to have a bio page describing your group, upload pictures to display in a gallery, manage a group roster where members can sign-up and receive email communications, WUGO might be all that you need!
  4. If you meet all of the criteria, feel free to use the SU Contact Form, select the “Technology/Group Websites” option and describe your group’s request for a website in the message body.

If your group already has a website:

  • Access your website’s cPanel instance by going to:
    • http://<yourwebsite>.wustl.edu:2083
      • You may or may not have/need access to cPanel and this is granted on a case-by-case basis
    • FTP is NOT available for these web accounts, but SFTP IS available if you want to use an FTP client, such as FileZilla
    • SSH is available for advanced users (Mac computers come with everything you need,) and can be combined with RSYNC for easy file syncing using Terminal:
      • $ ssh <yourwebsite>.wustl.edu
      • $ rsync -avz ~/<localPathToSiteFiles/ <cPanelUserName>@<yourwebsite>.wustl.edu:’~/public_html/’
  • If your website is a WordPress site, you can get to the admin login by going to:
    • http://<yourwebsite>.wustl.edu/wp-admin

If your group already has an @su.wustl.edu email account:

  • Access your @su.wustl.edu student group email account at http://gmail.com

If your group would like:

  • A New Website Account
  • Help with an Existing Website
  • A New Installation of WordPress
  • A New Email Account
  • A Reset Password to any of the Accounts Above
  • or Any Other Assistance
  • Use the SU Contact Form to explain the nature of your request.

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