316. Car Rental

Washington University has a contractual arrangement with Enterprise Car Rental to assist student groups in renting cars for group purposes. When renting a vehicle, book an appointment with your assigned Business Coordinator before contacting Enterprise.

To Prepare for your appointment:

  1. Go to SUFINANCE to fill out a request form.
  2. Select SU Credit Card under Request Type and use the drop down box to choose Enterprise.
  3. Please provide an estimated amount.
  4. Bring completed Vehicle Request Forms that your Business Coordinator sent you or you received in the SU Office.

Your assigned Business Coordinator and you will finalize your reservation by using the SU Enterprise Credit Card.  The insurance card(s) will be given to you. You will be required to present the insurance card to Enterprise to pick up your vehicle. If you make your own arrangements your group may not be covered by Washington University’s insurance.

Only drivers who are listed on the Vehicle Request Form may drive the rental vehicle, and only those drivers will be covered by the WU insurance policy.

Please allow at least 48 hours to process these requests.

Renter’s Terms & Conditions:

  1. Must be 18 years of age or older to reserve a car. You must be 21 years old to request any vehicle over a full size sedan.
  2. Have a valid United States driver’s license, free of any suspension or revocation from the individual state of issuance. The driver must have at least one year driving experience.
  3. Have not had any major accidents within the last 12 months, no more than one moving violation within the last three years, and no citations for DUI/DWI or reckless driving.
  4. Enterprise may decline to rent to drivers with poor driving records.
  5. Operate the vehicle in compliance with all traffic laws and motor vehicle regulations.
  6. Report any accidents immediately to the local police and Campus Police at (314) 935-5555.
  7. All student rentals must be paid with a SU Enterprise Credit Card. For insurance reasons, no student rental can be paid with a student’s personal credit card.
  8. Have a WU insurance card in the rental vehicle at all times.
  9. If a trip will be over 300 miles (one way), an overnight stay or an alternate driver (two individual not participating in the activity) is required.
  10. The University has special rules for truck rentals. Freshmen are not allowed to drive trucks. Trucks can only be driven by students who have had experience driving a large vehicle. No 12-15 passenger vans will be allowed.
  11. When picking up and dropping off a vehicle, always examine the vehicle for damages with the Enterprise Rep. Note any damages – even the small scrapes/dents
  12. When traveling in areas where there are tolls, you must have money to pay. Do not go through tolls without paying. Failure to pay tolls is against the law and will result in a violation.
  13. If your group incurs any toll fines, moving or non-moving violations or red light tickets, your group will pay these expenses from the Fundraising or Gift Accounts. Student Union will also fine you an additional $50 for these expenses which will also be charged to your Fundraising or Gift Accounts. First offense for your group will result in the renter’s loss of car rental privileges for the academic year. Second offense for your group will result in the whole group’s loss of car rental privileges for the academic year. Report any violations to your Business Coordinator.
  14. Refuel the vehicle prior to returning it to Enterprise.
  15. When the vehicles are returned to the branch, you will need to get the receipt from the Enterprise branch. Cars must be dropped off during business hours and checked in by an Enterprise Rep. This is to protect the University and your student group against damage claims. DO NOT LEAVE ENTERPRISE WITHOUT YOUR RECEIPT. All receipts must be returned to a SU student worker by 10:00am the next business day after returning the rental car. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  16. Failure to comply with any of the terms and/or conditions of this policy may result in personal responsibility for any damage, revocation of renting privileges, grade holds, and/or judicial proceedings and resulting sanctions including expulsion.