WUGO is home to the official Student Union group directory. All Student Union recognized groups are required to have an organization page on WUGO, where they can manage their roster, hold elections, advertise events, and much more. Additionally,WUGO offers individual students a place to record their leadership and involvement experiences and create a WUGO document that can be used to support the student’s transcript when applying for jobs, graduate school, internships, awards, scholarship, and grants.

What Student Groups Can Do With an Organization Page in WUGO:

  1. Manage their group roster. Keep an accurate roster for members and group leaders/executive members, invite new members to join, easily remove graduated members or those no longer involved. Set WUGO management permissions based on position held in the organization.
  2. Manage a group listserve. Send messages easily to all members, all exec members, or just members holding specific positions. As members join or leave the organization, the listserve is automatically updated. “Listserve” messages can be received via email, the WUGO message system, and/or text message.
  3. Plan and advertise events. Use the Event Builder to connect with various departments on campus to make sure you have a well-planned and safe event. Advertise campus wide events on the digital flyer board on the WUGO home page, or events for your organization on the organization event calendar. Student groups programming with alcohol or bringing minors to campus are required to use Event Builder for their events.
  4. Store and share documents and photos. Make photos and documents easily accessible to your members. For each document or photo, you can decide if it is viewable by executive members, all members, all campus, or the general public.
  5. Additionally, groups can host online elections, collect retreat registrations, conduct surveys, track service hours, and do many other things on their organization page.

Benefits of Using WUGO for Student Groups:

  1. Keep all group information in one place including, constitution, rosters, listserve, documents, photos, election results, event calendar, and much more.
  2. Help ease the transition to new leadership. Because everything is in one place (including event history), executive members can pass information along easily. There is no need to pass on a login and password because everything is tied to the wustl key.
  3. Recruit new members. Students (particularly freshmen) will be visiting WUGO regularly to maintain their involvement record and look for ways to get involved on campus. Make sure students can find out about your group, by getting it listed in the organization directory.

Register your group and have it added to the directory in WUGO (https://wugo.wustl.edu/register)