How to use the SU Helium Tank

Student Union offers each student group access to a helium tank on the second floor SU office and 25 free balloons per semester. Each additional balloon over the free 25 costs 50 cents (or 25 cents if the group provides their own balloons to inflate). Additionally, an Interdepartmental Order to SU Operating must be submitted by the group’s treasurer via sufinance.wustl.edu for the total additional expenses.

The Steps:

1. Ask a student worker to unlock the balloon supplies, so you can gather your materials. There are an array of colors of both balloons and string to choose from. The student worker must also unlock the helium tank.

2. Fill out a balloon request form which should be given to you by the student worker. If you are making more than your group’s 25 free balloons, you will also need to fill out an expense request form on sufinance.wustl.edu to pay for the extra materials./span>


3. Inflate the balloons. Remember to turn the gas off when you are finished using it.

4. If you don’t know how to tie a balloon these images may help! They read from left to right.


5. Add a pretty string. If you are making balloons alone it is nice to cut these strings in advance so you don’t accidentally let go of your balloon and lose it to the ceiling.


6. Clean up, make sure the helium is turned off and no longer flowing. Then get a student worker to lock up the helium tank and supplies. When you carry the balloons out of the office be extremely careful not to accidentally let one go in the DUC, because your group will be held responsible for any expense the DUC charges for removal of the balloon.