How to Use the SU Button Maker

1. Choose what type of button you want to make and print your images for the buttons using your student group’s printing account number (the downstairs printer does NOT print in color).

  • Some computers in the SU office have photoshop which you can use to make sure your measurements are correct.
  • All student groups get 100 free buttons
  • All buttons cost 15 cents/button regardless of the size. Circular buttons come in sizes of either 1″ or 2.25″ diameters, and 2″x2″ square buttons can also be made. Your printed images for the buttons should be the following dimensions:
    1. Medium Circle – 5.6 cm diameter 
    2. Small Circle – 3.0 cm diameter 
    3. Medium Square – 5.2 cm by 5.2 cm


2. Hand a student worker a completed request form from sufinance.wustl.edu with the total number you intend to use. Then ask them to unlock the button supplies for you.


3. Gather all your supplies from the cabinet that the student worker directed you to.

4. For circular buttons use the circular cutter tool to cut your images. Make sure you are cutting on the metal plates – DO NOT CUT ON THE TABLES!  If you are making square buttons skip to step 7.

5. Make your buttons! Be wary of making sideways or upside-down buttons. Refer to the video to see how everything should be placed on the machine. 

6. Want to make square buttons? Its a very similar process.

7. Please clean up and return all materials and make sure your treasurer submits an expense request for the buttons you made. Again it is 15 cents/button regardless of the size and shape.