Filling out a Request Form

  1. Log in with WUSTL Key by going to http://sufinance.wustl.edu
    • You will be presented with the “User Portal” page
    • Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 1.06.50 PM

  2. Click on “Fill out a Request Form”
  3. fillOutARequestForm

  4. Select your group from the drop-down in “Step 1”
  5. requestForm_selectGroup

  6. Follow the remaining “Steps” in the online form and fill out the form according to the rules supplied in the “How Things Work” manual
  7. At the bottom of the form, click the “Create Request” button and then review your form and click “Save Request” button
  8. Screen-Shot-2015-08-03-at-2.14.37-PM

    • If you are not listed as the “Treasurer” of the group selected in Step 1:

      There are no further steps necessary
      The form will now require the treasurer of this group to log in and “Submit” the form

    • If you ARE the “Treasurer” of the group:
    1. After saving, you will be presented with a “Submit Request” button
      PRINTING THE FORM IS STILL REQUIRED, and you must now bring the form to the SU office and place it in the Expense Request Form basket along with all ORIGINAL receipts and any other necessary documents.
      • NOTE: Once the form is submitted by the group treasurer, it can no longer be modified without a business coordinator.


    2. Once a Request Form has been saved, it will appear in your pending requests list that you can access by clicking on the link “My Pending Requests” button in the main navigation or the User Portal
      This page will also allow you to Delete a Request Form should it be necessary.