Gift Deposit

If your group received money from a company or individual that gives a gift/donation you must do a gift deposit.  Please remember that donation checks must be deposited as soon as possible, so that donors receive acknowledgement and tax receipts in a timely manner.  In addition, each January, the University is required by the IRS to send all donors a year-end summary of giving for the prior year.  Therefore, any gifts for the fall semester must be delivered to a Business Coordinator by December 15.

If your group provided goods or services in exchange for the gift/donation then this should not be deposited into your gift account because it would not be considered a tax deductible donation.    See your Business Coordinator for information.

Deposit Procedures:

  • Fill out a request form on-line and select “deposit voucher”.  Have a submitted on-line by your group’s treasurer and print it.
  • Make a copy of each check(s).
  • Endorse check(s) by stamping them on the back with the endorsement stamp.
  • Turn all items into Business Coordinator of the Day.