How to Reserve the Underpass or DUC 2nd Floor Chalk Walls

  1. Go to reserve.wustl.edu

  2. Click “Danforth Campus Standard Spaces”

  3. Use the left panel to change the date of the reservation to the desired date.
    • In order to reserve the Underpass or DUC 2nd Floor Chalk Walls, you must make your reservation for a specific day of the week. Even though your reservation is only set for one day on Reserve-a-Space, your reservation valid for a week after the date of your reservation.
      • The Underpass: Saturdays
      • DUC 2nd Floor Chalk Walls: Mondays
    • Tip: If you click the “Schedule” tab, you can see all of the rooms in as well as all the reservations already made for each.
  4. Use these photos to determine which panel of the Underpass/DUC 2nd Floor Chalk Walls you would like to reserve.
  5. Once you’ve selected your room and time, click the “Next” button on the top right of the page and fill out the subsequent pages with your  student group’s information. When you finish, the space you reserved will be held until an Schedule Coordinator approves your reservation. For billing reference, use “SU: 9125”