Register as a Group Leader


  1. Log in with WUSTL Key by going to http://sufinance.wustl.edu
    • You will be presented with the “User Portal” page
  2. Click on “Register Group Leader”
  3. Select “president” or “treasurer” and the group that you are a leader of from the appropriate drop-down menus
    • Ensure that your WUSTL Key is properly displayed, in bold, on this page since it is used as your acknowledgement that you are a group leader
    • NOTE: This process can NOT be undone, so be absolutely sure you are supposed to be the treasurer of the selected student group and you have approval to register as such
  4. Fill out your contact email and your contact phone number
  5. Click the “Create My User Account” button
  6. Confirm the popup message and you will be automatically redirected back to the User Portal where you should now see your group listed at the bottom as a button-link to “(Budget Entry)”