Class Council

IMG_5572First Year Council (2015) giving out cotton candy on the Swamp

Creating a sense of community

From service opportunities like “Knock, Knock Give A Sock” or advocacy initiatives that promote mental health, Class Council members are dedicated to creating bonding opportunities for their class. Contact one of the Class Council members to suggest potential collaborations or fun programming ideas!

Meet the Class Councils


Bill Feng,  Senior Class President: ude.l1511389267tsuw.1511389267us@ro1511389267ines1511389267

Amanda Brown, VP Administration

Cait Schwartz, VP Public Relations

Savannah Rush, VP Programming

Willam Clutterbuck, VP Finance

Florence Murabito, Junior Class President: ude.l1511389267tsuw.1511389267us@ro1511389267inuj 1511389267

Minki Kim, VP Administration

Suparna Malia, VP Public Relations

Ben French, VP Programming

Achint Rai, VP Finance

Kendrick Rogers, Sophomore Class President:  ude.l1511389267tsuw.1511389267us@er1511389267omohp1511389267os1511389267

Hiba Yousif, VP Administration

Néhèmie Ètienne, VP Public Relations

Jason Tang, VP Programming

Steven Lee, VP Finance

Spencer Stewart, First Year Class President:  ude.l1511389267tsuw.1511389267us@na1511389267mhser1511389267f1511389267

Jillian Shah, VP Administration

Jessica Zepeda, VP Public Relations

Vishesh Patel, VP Programming

Sungjae Park, VP Finance