Class Council

IMG_5572First Year Council giving out cotton candy on the Swamp

Creating a sense of community

From service opportunities like “Knock, Knock Give A Sock” or advocacy initiatives that promote mental health, Class Council members are dedicated to creating bonding opportunities for their class. Contact one of the Class Council members to suggest potential collaborations or fun programming ideas!

Meet the Class Councils


Reid Petty,  Senior Class President: ude.l1495899921tsuw.1495899921us@ro1495899921ines1495899921

Mukund Murari, VP Administration

Greg Fishberger, VP Public Relations

Abby Rickeman, VP Programming

Lexi Orsky, VP Finance

Mark McMillin, Junior Class President: ude.l1495899921tsuw.1495899921us@ro1495899921inuj 1495899921

Patrick Cannon, VP Administration

Eric Vistnes, VP Public Relations

Oscar Morris, VP Programming

Jake Chong, VP Finance

Tess Mandoli, Sophomore Class President:  ude.l1495899921tsuw.1495899921us@er1495899921omohp1495899921os1495899921

Isabella Bergonzoli Jaramillo, VP Administration

Florence Murabito, VP Public Relations

Brandon Davis, VP Programming

Achint Rai, VP Finance