Class Councils

Creating a sense of community

From student engagement activities like “Last Hump of the Month” promoting “pawsitivity” to advocacy initiatives that promote mental health, Class Council members are dedicated to creating bonding opportunities for their class. Contact one of the Class Council members to suggest potential collaborations or fun programming ideas!

Meet the Class Councils

Senior Class Council

Taylor Chen –  Senior Class President:

Minki Kim – VP of Administration

Daniel Grossman – VP of Finance

Ben French – VP of Programming

Florence Murabito – VP of Public Relations

Junior Class Council

Nathan Card –  Junior Class President:

Grace Kang – VP of Administration

Carol Pazos – VP of Finance

Elizabeth Waggoner – VP of Programming

Mabel Spio – VP of Public Relations

Sophomore Class Council

Michelle Wang: Sophomore Class President:

Jillian Shah – VP of Administration

Jun Kang – VP of Finance

Sammy Schein – VP of Programming

Zoe Newton – VP of Public Relations

First Year Class Council

Matthew Kim: Sophomore Class President:

Jerome Nashed – VP of Administration

Will Wang – VP of Finance

Pra Chati – VP of Programming

Lauren Neff – VP of Public Relations