Collegiate Readership Program

Student Union is proud to be sponsoring the Collegiate Readership program and offer WashU students the ability to stay up to date on local, national, and worldwide news. Below you will find information on how you can sign up for your free New York Times online subscription as well as locations of physical newspapers on campus.

New York Times Online Subscription

Click here to sign up for your free online New York Times subscription!

Important Things to Know:

  • Subscribers are added to the system every Wednesday, so look out for a Welcome Email the following Thursday after your sign up. 
  • This means that it may take up to a week for your access to be confirmed by New York Times.
  • If you already have a personal account, you may have to call and cancel it in order to sign up through the link above. Click here to be directed to the New York Times customer support page.
  • New York Times subscriptions are only open to students at WashU.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to email the Vice President of Finance at

You also click here to get access to the New York Times Education Resource Website which provides:

  • Discipline-specific areas of study
  • General instructional strategies to promote student achievement
  • Co-curricular activities, including events, discussion, and contests

Physical Newspapers

The Collegiate Readership Program will be offering the following physical newspapers to WashU students:

You can find physical papers at the following locations:

  • Bear’s Den – South 40
  • The Village – Near the dining area
  • Tisch Commons – DUC 1st Floor
  • Fun Room – DUC 2nd Floor