Constitutional Council

Constitutional Council 2018-2019: Kevin Wang, Hannah Kirby, Conal Mueller, Jack Broitman, Anthony Williams, Eric Cai, and Andrea Tam. Not pictured: Kaitlyn Herndon

Constitutional Council is the main Judicial Body of the Student Union of Washington University in Saint Louis.

The Council is charged with undertaking the duties and responsibilities as set forth in Article 5, Section 1 of the Constitution of the Student Union of Washington University in Saint Louis. The Council is committed to fulfilling its role as the final arbiter of issues pertaining to the Constitution objectively and after thorough deliberations. The Council holds itself to the highest ethical standards when considering matters before it, undertakes rulings impartially, and avoids conflicts of interest. Individuals appearing before the The Council are treated with respect and dignity during all meetings and deliberations.

The Council is comprised of one Chief Justice, four Associate Justices, and two Alternate Justices. Representatives of the Judicial Branch are appointed by the President, confirmed by the Legislative Branch, and serve until they retire.

For any quick questions or help creating a student group constitution, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Chief Justice at

Scroll down to access the most updated Constitution and Statutes, the Interpretation Request form, the Constitution Builder standards, and the Council’s past opinions.

Student Union (SU) Constitution and Statutes

Constitutional Council is responsible for updating and maintaining the SU Constitution and Statutes.  The Council also looks to the the Constitution and Statutes when considering interpretation requests.

Click here to view the SU Constitution & Statues

Submit an Interpretation Request

In order to call  into question the actions of Student Union or a Student Union representative, you must submit an interpretation request to the Constitutional Council.

In order to give the Constitutional Council enough background information to fairly and comprehensively evaluate your complaint or question, we ask that you fill out an Interpretation Request Form.

Student Group Constitution Builder

Click here to see an easy to use guide on building a constitution 


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Past Opinions

Click here to find all of the past opinions written by the Constitutional Council