COVID-19 Academic Updates

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How do I use Zoom?

The majority of courses will be accessed via Zoom for the remainder of the semester. Information for how to access Zoom through WasU can be found here

What if I don’t have access to Wi-Fi?

If you have concerns about your internet access, please call 314-935-8300 or 888-234-2863 and listen to the menu options to learn how to access technical support.  The COVID-19 Emergency Fund is also available for financial support in purchasing Wi-Fi access. In addition, a number of networks are providing free Wi-Fi to students in light of the closure of many Universities.

How will final exams take place now?

All final exams will take place virtually. Department heads and faculty members can provide specifics on this updated policy.

Are RPMs, PLTL, Peer Coaching, and other academic resources still going to be available?

Yes! Check out The Learning Center and The Writing Center websites for information on how to access the same resources as before via Zoom. If you are a part of a PLTL program, PLTL will also now be online via Zoom.

Will resources for students with disabilities still be available?

Disability Resources has set up an FAQ page with more information regarding how to access these resources. All students currently using these resources will still have access to them for the remainder of the year. Please reach out to as questions and concerns arise. You are also encouraged to reach out to your professors and work wit them to adjust to classes over Zoom.

Has the Pass/Fail policy been changed in regards to major/graduation requirements?

Each school will independently let students know how Pass/Fail policies may impact the courses you are taking. Included here is the Arts & Sciences FAQ Sheet regarding Pass/Fail policies. As of 3/23, Olin and McKelvey have all classes able to be taken as P/F and count towards major/graduation requirements. Arts & Sciences has P/F as an option for all classes with some departmental restrictions on whether it will count towards major/graduation requirements.

What do I do if I don’t have textbooks, notes, etc?

You are encouraged to reach out to your professor and subject librarian. Faculty are aware that many students do not have the academic resources they need for their classes, and can work with librarians to get you access to books and materials you may need.

How will my textbook rentals through the University be impacted?

The Campus Bookstore has released an FAQ sheet with updates on how textbook rentals will be impacted.

What is the procedure for non-lecture classes?

It is understood that all courses, including Art + Architecture courses, Labs, and Music + Performance-based courses, will all be taken online. We are still learning the specifics of how professors intend to navigate traditionally hands-on courses online. 

Determining a standardized policy on attendance and making up participation points for students unable to access courses on Zoom

Student Union has been working with various schools and the Office of the Provost to ensure a standardized policy on attendance and make-up participation in order to ensure that the academic experience this semester is equitable to all students, regardless of their time-zone.

Impact of time zones on course registration

Student Union is working to ensure that the impact of time zones on course registration is not detrimental to any student.

Providing recordings of all classes for students

Student Union is working for all classes to provide recordings of classes for students to ensure that time zone differences are not detrimental for students.

Encouraging schools beyond Arts & Sciences to allow classes to be taken Pass/Fail and count toward major/minor/graduation requirements

In regards to the recent P/F petition (linked on the main page of the COVID-19 corner), Student Union is working with the deans of all the schools as well as department chairs for various departments to have Pass/Fail count towards major/minor/graduation requirements. Already, many deans and the provost have had promising responses and are looking forward to working with students to make sure this semester is not an extra burden on students.

Requiring Zoom office hours for all courses

Student Union is working to require office hours over Zoom for all courses so students can properly adapt into the rest of the semester and still have a similar amount of access to their professors for any questions/concerns they may have.

Academic Integrity policies

Student Union is working to make sure that Student Conduct is clear about Academic Integrity policies/make proper adaptations for the upcoming semester.

COVID-19 Student Information University FAQs:

This page consists of various FAQs to which the University has provided answers.

Zoom Support

Use this support page if you have any questions regarding using Zoom.

Virtual Access Resources Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet was compiled by Student Union to give students useful Zoom Meeting IDs and website links to relevant resources in a variety of fields including: Academic, Financial, Health and Wellness, and Identity.

Emergency Fund

The Office for Student Success has made an Emergency Fund that students can request from.  Students may submit requests that relate to the unexpected transition or to cost of living expenses that have arisen as a result of WashU’s shift to an online instructional platform. Students are also able to submit requests that encompass reimbursements for costs incurred as a result of the unexpected changes to individuals’ living and work situations. Each request, even those from repeat applicants, will be considered individually as we understand that this situation is ever-evolving.