COVID-19 Financial Support Updates

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How can I access financial support right now?

The Office for Student Success’ Emergency Fund opened on Monday, March 16 to provide emergency financial support for students incurring unexpected costs between Monday, March 16 and Friday, May 15. Information about the fund can be found here; the request form to access the fund can be found here.

Will supplemental fees be partially refunded now that students are away from campus?

Unfortunately, the Health & Wellness fee will not be refunded at this point since the University intends to continue to use these fees to support Habif and provide other students with necessary resources while most are away from campus. The Student Union financial branch is currently looking into how to distribute unspent funds from the current fiscal year, and will get back to students shortly regarding the feasibility of returning a portion of the Student Activities Fee to students. 

Will housing and unused meal points be partially refunded?

University administrators have been very supportive of partially refunding housing and unspent meal points; with that said, it will likely take some time before the University is able to complete this process. We’ve also learned that those receiving financial aid from the University will not receive a refund for unused housing / meal points, as this money will just be returned to the financial aid pool.

Will tuition be partially refunded?

At this point, we have not heard that the University is planning to partially refund tuition, as students will still have access to a full academic schedule and other resources + support networks that tuition is used for.

Can students be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred from leaving St. Louis last week?

It does not sound like the University intends to provide financial support or reimbursements for travel expenses incurred in the past 1-2 weeks. With that said, reach out to Student Financial Services or the Office for Student Success with specific questions about this.

Eligibility + Access for Emergency Fund

Student Union is currently looking into the extent of the Emergency Fund recently set up by the Office for Student Success. Specifically, we are looking into what students are eligible to use the fund and how students can access the fund.

Specifics of housing / meal point refunds

Student Union is currently looking into the timeline for housing/meal point refunds. Dean Rob Wild has answered some questions regarding what housing/meal point refunds look like (and can be found as an answer to a FAQ), but more information is still necessary so students can know when to expect refunds.

Status of work-study opportunities + student employees

Student Union is currently looking into developing a clear explanation of how the University will continue supporting work-study opportunities and student employees in this time where they are not able to work their typical jobs.

Some offices have indicated that they will shift the responsibilities of student employees to enable them to still work from home, but there has not been an overarching indication of support from the University yet.

Bear Bucks refunds

Student Union is currently discussing with the University regarding the possibility for Bear Bucks to be refunded back to students bank accounts.

Parking Pass refunds

Student Union is currently looking into whether parking passes can be refunded. Dean Rob Wild has already indicated that student parking passes will in some form be refunded as they will no longer be used.

COVID-19 University FAQs:

This page consists of various FAQs to which the University has provided answers.

Student Financial Services: 314-935-5900

For students who may need financial assistance generally, it is recommended that you reach out to Student Financial Services to discuss your options in these extraordinary times.

Emergency Fund

The Office for Student Success has made an Emergency Fund that students can request from.  Students may submit requests that relate to the unexpected transition or to cost of living expenses that have arisen as a result of WashU’s shift to an online instructional platform. Students are also able to submit requests that encompass reimbursements for costs incurred as a result of the unexpected changes to individuals’ living and work situations. Each request, even those from repeat applicants, will be considered individually as we understand that this situation is ever-evolving.

Mental Health Fund

The Mental Health Fund covers the following costs: Co-payments for therapy, counseling, or psychiatry appointments (on-going or emergency); transportation to and from mental health care appointments; testing associated with mental health care treatment or diagnosis; medication or related material purchases

Student Needs Sheet

This sheet is a resource for students to use if they need aid/opportunities in any of the following areas: Jobs, Food, Housing, Transportation, Support, Storage, Resources. Students can fill out the sheet to either request help in any of these areas or provide it as well.

WUGWU Request Form

This form is made by WashU Undergraduate and Graduate Workers Union to provide students with an avenue to request specific items or aid.