COVID-19 Health & Wellness Updates

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Will there be some online form of therapy provided by the University?

The University is currently working to develop some form of tele-mental health services, coupled with TAO, to ensure that students still have necessary resources in these trying times.

Will my Health and Wellness Fee be refunded?

At this time, the University does not seem to be refunding the Health and Wellness Fee. Instead, it is likely these funds will go into supporting the transition to online health services for students.

How is WashU health insurance affected now that students are away from campus?

The Student Health Plan through United Healthcare Student Resources is a fully funded insurance plan with nationwide (and even international) coverage. Students who purchased this plan should be able to utilize it and find a UHC in network provider wherever they are. For provider lists and other information visit UHCSR has suspended all referral requirements through 4/30/2020, meaning that students will not be required to see Habif providers for primary care during this time.

How are SARAH’s hours affected?

SARAH will be going back online starting 3/22. Their new operating hours are 12 PM CST – 12 AM CST every day. In the case that you want to speak to someone outside of SARAH’s operating hours, SARAH suggests that you call the Rape, Abuse & Incest National 24-hour Hotline (RAINN) at 1-800-656-4673.

How are Uncle Joe’s hours affected?

Uncle Joe’s will be closed until further notice. They are currently looking into possible options for remote phone lines to continue to provide their services for the remainder of the semester.

Online Therapy Services:

Student Union is currently working with Habif to ensure that tele-mental health services of some form are provided for students for the remainder of the semester. Currently, Habif Staff are developing plans for offering limited tele-mental health services, in accordance with psychologist/counselor/clinical social worker licensing regulations and to ensure HIPAA compliance, and confidentiality. 

Futhermore, Student Union is working with various online therapy providers to determine the logistics behind a possible University-supported online therapy service that is based in a separate private company.

National Therapy Network:

Student Union is also currently researching and reaching out to various care managers nationwide to give WashU students options for therapists that they can access in their hometown. 

HeadSpace Subscriptions:

Student Union is also currently reaching out to various mindfulness programs (such as HeadSpace) to determine the logistics behind University-subsidized HeadSpace subscriptions for students for this upcoming semester.

COVID-19 University FAQs:

This page consists of various FAQs to which the University has provided answers.

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Website:

This page has the most recent updates for Missouri regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center: 314-935-3445

The RSVP Center will remain open Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm. Their 24/7 on call services will continue. For an appointment, email

WashU Cares: 314-935-2595

Connections with students who might have needs/concerns can be made through Zoom or phone conversations. Referrals can be made through our networks to providers that are local to a student’s permanent hometown. For students who are having general distress about COVID-19, they are welcome and encouraged to call WashU Cares.

For more information regarding updated Habif operations please visit the Habif website. Furthermore, more information will be posted in the near future regarding tele-mental health services and a COVID-19 support group.

Therapy Assistance Online:

TAO is a seven-to-nine-week, interactive, web-based program that provides well-researched and highly effective strategies to help overcome anxiety, depression and other common concerns. With TAO, you will have access to highly effective therapy modules 24/7 and a dedicated time to meet online with your counselor each week.

SARAH: 314-935-8080

SARAH will be free to call from 12 PM CST – 12 AM CST; a SARAH counselor will return your call within 20 minutes. As a reminder, SARAH counselors are trained on generalized mental health counseling, and you can absolutely call just to talk.

Habif Instagram:

Habif will post general tips for COVID-19 Prevention and well-being in these extraordinary times. Furthermore, they have already posted guides to finding local therapists, and other helpful resources.