COVID-19 Late Stay Information Updates

This section is meant to provide students with information pertinent to students who were approved for Late Stay. This includes updates and resources students can access to have additional questions answered or concerns addressed.

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What dining is available for students remaining in St. Louis?

Dining Services has released a document highlighting all dining options remaining open at this time. All seating locations are closed, so all meals are carry-out or to-go. Additional questions regarding dining services can be directed to

Will Habif be available for the remainder of the semester?

Habif has adjusted their hours and accessibility; linked here is a page explaining these changes. Routine healthcare has been suspended, and all emergency appointments must be made by calling 314-935-6677 (rather than using the web portal). For mental health support, call 314-935-6695 during Habif’s business hours or 314-935-6666 for after hours.

What resources are available on campus?

Beyond the adjusted operations for Habif and Dining Services, the following resources are also available: the RSVP Center will still be available 24/7; international students may use this form to submit questions about the University’s response to COVID-19; the bias reporting process is still available for students to submit an incident of bias; and, WUPD can be reached at 314-935-5555. In addition, the Office for Student Success’ Emergency Fund is available for financial support. Unfortunately, all libraries closed on Friday, March 20 and will remain closed through at least Monday, April 6.

Will students remaining on campus be consolidated into several residence halls?

At this time, the University does not intend to consolidate students remaining on campus for the rest of the semester. Any update on this will likely not be seen until the beginning of April.

What if another student remaining on campus tests positive for COVID-19?

Quarantine housing has been set up for students who contract COVID-19 in the coming weeks.

University’s plans to consolidate students on-campus

Student Union is working with University administration to figure out the best path moving forward to ensure the safety of the students living on-campus. Any updates on the University’s plan to consolidate students on-campus will be reported on this site and in separate communication to the student body.

Support for off-campus students

Student Union is also working to ensure that off-campus students have the proper support to succeed academically and endure this extraordinary and trying situation. See other sections of the COVID-19 corner to learn about specific projects.

Ensuring that University meets needs for students with dietary restrictions

Student Union is also working with the University to make sure that adjusted dining services due to COVID-19 still meet the dietary needs of the students that have been allowed to remain on-campus.

COVID-19 University FAQs:

This page consists of various FAQs to which the University has provided answers.

ResLife COVID-19 Housing Updates:

This page will be updated with any communication that ResLife sends to students. If you are having technical problems with receiving ResLife communication, please visit this link.

Emergency Fund

The Office for Student Success has made an Emergency Fund that students can request from.  Students may submit requests that relate to the unexpected transition or to cost of living expenses that have arisen as a result of WashU’s shift to an online instructional platform. Students are also able to submit requests that encompass reimbursements for costs incurred as a result of the unexpected changes to individuals’ living and work situations. Each request, even those from repeat applicants, will be considered individually as we understand that this situation is ever-evolving.

Dining Services Adjusted Hours

This graphic has the adjusted hours for dining services on-campus. If you have any concerns with the times/food options, please fill out the concern form on the main part of the COVID-19 page.

Student Needs Sheet

This sheet is a resource for students to use if they need aid/opportunities in any of the following areas: Jobs, Food, Housing, Transportation, Support, Storage, Resources. Students can fill out the sheet to either request help in any of these areas or provide it as well.

WUGWU Request Form

This form is made by WashU Undergraduate and Graduate Workers Union to provide students with an avenue to request specific items or aid.