COVID-19 Residential Life Updates

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If I have alcohol in my room and am under the age of 21, will I face conduct violations/extra room fees?

No. The University will only pursue charges for felony level amounts of substances.

Who do I contact if I have pets or plants in my room that need to be taken care of?

Please contat ResLife as soon as possible with information regarding pets/plants that you may have in your room. It is unlikely that they will take care of plants, but they are working diligently to make sure all pets (regardless of the legality of their living in your room) are properly taken care of during these extraordinary times.

Is there any costs I will have to pay to store items from my room?

Certain larger electronics and furniture items will be stored in St. Louis. The University will cover any expenses for said storage.

What if some of the packaging staff have corona virus? Can they transfer the disease to my belongings?

While technically the virus has been shown to survive on certain surfaces anywhere from 24-72 hours, experts say it is very unlikely that the disease will survive and spread through packages.

Who is going to move my stuff? Is there any claims form to fill out if any of my belongings are damaged/lost?

The University has various staff helping in the massive effort to package and ship all essential belongings out from 3/16 – 3/19. Each room is shipped/packaged by two people, one of which is at the very least University staff. ResLife will be publishing out a claims form in the near future for students to use.

Optional Storage:

Student Union is currently in discussion with Rob Wild regarding giving students options to keep certain belongings stored in St. Louis over the summer.

Belonging Prioritization:

Student Union is currently in discussion with Rob Wild regarding giving students the ability to prioritize certain items within shipping tiers (i.e., asking for business profressional clothing to be prioritized and returned before any other clothing).

ResLife Hotline: (314) 935-5050

Should you have questions that is not clearly answered by University communication please contact the Office of Residential Life during their office hours of 8:30am-5pm

ResLife COVID-19 Housing Updates:

This page will be updated with any communication that ResLife sends to students. If you are having technical problems with receiving ResLife communication, please visit this link.

COVID-19 University FAQs:

This page consists of various FAQs to which the University has provided answers.

Student Needs Sheet

This sheet is a resource for students to use if they need aid/opportunities in any of the following areas: Jobs, Food, Housing, Transportation, Support, Storage, Resources. Students can fill out the sheet to either request help in any of these areas or provide it as well.

WUGWU Request Form

This form is made by WashU Undergraduate and Graduate Workers Union to provide students with an avenue to request specific items or aid.