Executive Advisor for Sustainability


The Executive Advisor for Sustainability is a position that is appointed directly by the Student Union President. The EAS directly advises the President and other pertinent SU leaders, advocating for and improving university-wide sustainability initiatives.


The role of the EAS is flexible and continually changing, but primarily falls within three main realms:
1) Student Union: The EAS directly advises SU leadership to make SU operations more sustainable. They also advocate for the prioritization of sustainability when it comes to budgeting and Treasury Appeals.
2) Student Groups: The EAS coordinates between and interacts with student sustainability groups to foster cross-collaboration and help them achieve their respective goals. The EAS plans the semesterly Student Green Council, which invites all members of the sustainability community to participate in discussion of issues and initiatives on- and off-campus. Regular check-ins with student group leaders help the EAS stay informed about what groups are working on and help with strategizing.
3) Office of Sustainability and other university staff/faculty/administration: The EAS checks in with the OOS weekly in order to outline and implement long-term structural changes in the university, often consulting with university administration to garner support for sustainability.