Estimating the Cost of Your Event

If you would like a quote for WFF setup and clean up for your event, even if you are still in the planning stages of your event, feel free to contact Kyra Johnston from Event Management at

Room Rentals

  • You can make a room reservation for your student group on Reserve-A-Space.
    • SU Student Groups do not have to pay to reserve standard spaces or pooled classrooms.
    • SU Student Groups do have to pay to reserve premiere spaces with the exception of College Hall, Tisch Commons, and Goldberg Formal Lounge.
  • You cannot reserve a room less than 2 weeks before your event.
  • Remember that the room reservation fee is not the only costs associated with utilizing a premiere space


  • If the event management website lists that a space comes with A/V equipment, there is no cost to utilize the equipment with the exception of Tisch Commons and Graham Chapel.
  • If the space does not offer A/V equipment in the space, you must request A/V equipment from Harvey Media Center.

Bon Appétit

WFF Room Setup and Clean-up

  • All premiere spaces require WFF for room setup and take down.
  • WFF is also utilized to clean spaces after an event.
    • Premiere spaces also require a post-clean from WFF when:
      • A full meal is being served.
      • Bon Appétit is catering the event.
    • A WFF post-clean is not required when:
      • There are just snacks.
      • Only pizza is served as long as there is no food in the trash cans and pizza boxes are recycled in an external recycling container OUTSIDE THE BUILDING, not just outside the venue. 
        • Please do not stack pizza boxes in recycling containers inside the building your event is located in.
    • Failure to schedule WFF for a post-clean or the venue not being thoroughly cleaned by the group will lead to WFF charging an emergency rate of $42.62/person/hour.
  • WFF will also report any damages they find post-clean up to Event Management. If you see anything damaged in the venue BEFORE you arrive, report it to Event Management to avoid any charges. You can find their contact information here

External Fees

  • Sometimes there are external fees outside of WashU associated with a student group event.
    • Examples include utilizing companies such as Iron Man to set up a stage in a venue or utilizing a specific sound technician for a concert.
  • Student groups are no longer allowed to utilize these third party companies to move permanent structures in pooled classrooms.
    • Examples include moving large desks or podium, especially those that have computers and technology utilized by professors in those classrooms
  • Remember to also account for parking fees for external companies.
    • Failure to account for parking could get their vehicle ticketed or towed.
    • Event Management can coordinate space for companies to drop-off and pick-up equipment; however, they cannot park there.
    • Often the best option is to tell the vendor to park in the DUC underground garage.
      • It is $9 to park all day and free after 5 PM and on weekends.