Executive Board

We are honored to serve you as the 53rd Student Union Executive Board and humbled to have the opportunity to Advocate, Allocate, and Program for all undergraduate students here at WashU. Click here to find our office hours.

Tyrin Truong

53rd Student Union President

Majors: Political Science and African & African American Studies

Hometown: Angie, Louisiana

Previous SU Experience: Speaker of the Senate, Senate Resolutions Chair

Other Campus Involvement: Black Pre-Law Association

Fun Fact: I know how to play four brass instruments!

Nia Plump

Vice President of Administration

Major: African & African American Studies

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Previous SU Experience: Senator, Senate Black Caucus Chair

Other Campus Involvement: T.R.U.T.H.

Fun Fact: I’m a vegetarian!

Ariel Ashie

Vice President of Finance

Majors: Economics and Sociology

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Other Campus Involvement: Uncle Joe’s, RIZE Design Editor

Fun Fact: I taught myself how to play the clarinet when I was 10!

Charlotte Pohl

Vice President of Programming

Majors: Accounting and Marketing

Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut

Previous SU Experience: Senate, Vice President of Programming Exec 52

Other Campus Involvement: Olin Peer Ambassador, Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority

Fun Fact: I’m studying abroad in Dublin this summer!

Beth Wiesinger

Vice President of Public Relations

Majors: International Area Studies and Sociology

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Previous SU Experience: Senate, Senate Socioeconomic Task Force Chair

Other Campus Involvement: Aperture, Student Life Newspaper

Fun Fact: I climbed a 15,000 feet tall volcano in Ecuador!