Frequently Asked Questions

(Note: Answers that include sections are referencing How Things Work)

Where is the Student Union office?
On the First Floor of the DUC, Room 160 and on the Second Floor, Room 270

How do I appeal to Treasury?
Email the Speaker of Treasury ( ude.l1501102079tsuw.1501102079us@yr1501102079usaer1501102079t1501102079) to be added to the docket.

What are the differences between group categories?
Primarily, the differences relate directly to a group’s budget, read about the various budgets in section A3. To change your group’s category see A2:113.

When are budgets due and what is the last date to program?
10/5/2014 – Spring 2015 Budgets Due, sufinance.wustl.edu
12/7/2014 – Last Day to Program for Fall 2014
2/8/2015 – Fall 2015 Budgets Due, sufinance.wustl.edu
4/26/2015 – Last Day to Program for Spring 2015

Who can I contact to get more money or for questions about my budget?
For budget questions, contact the Budget Committee Chair ( ude.l1501102079tsuw.1501102079us@te1501102079gdub1501102079)

How do I form a new student group?
Apply through Activities Committee ( ude.l1501102079tsuw.1501102079us@se1501102079itivi1501102079tca1501102079). For more information, see A2:112.

What resources are available to me as a student group?
For a full list of resources available, including office supplies, PR, and others, see B2:312.

Where can I find the Student Union logo?
The SU logo is available here. Please use the black and white SU logo. Email Bilal Hyder, Vice President of Public Relations ( ude.l1501102079tsuw.1501102079us@rp1501102079) with questions.

Who should I contact if I have a question about Student Union?
General inquiries can be forwarded to Tess Mandoli, Vice President of Administration ( ude.l1501102079tsuw.1501102079us@no1501102079itart1501102079sinim1501102079da1501102079).

I want to start a project at the University – who should I contact?
The Speaker of Senate ( ude.l1501102079tsuw.1501102079us@et1501102079anes1501102079) can connect you to senators and administrators to get your project started.

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