Frequently Asked Questions

(Note: Answers that include sections are referencing How Things Work)

Where is the Student Union office?
On the Second Floor of the DUC, Room 270

How do I appeal to Treasury?
Email the Speaker of Treasury ( ude.l1519132530tsuw.1519132530us@yr1519132530usaer1519132530t1519132530) to be added to the docket.

What are the differences between group categories?
Primarily, the differences relate directly to a group’s budget, read about the various budgets in section A3. To change your group’s category see A2:113.

When are budgets due and what is the last date to program?

The Deadline for Spring 2018 Budgets has passed
12/10/2017 – Last Day to Program for Fall 2017
The Deadline for Fall 2018 Budgets has not been set
4/29/2018 – Last Day to Program for Spring 2018

Who can I contact to appeal for more funding or questions regarding my budget?
For budget questions, contact the Budget Committee Chair ( ude.l1519132530tsuw.1519132530us@te1519132530gdub1519132530)

How do I form a new student group?
Apply through Activities Committee ( ude.l1519132530tsuw.1519132530us@se1519132530itivi1519132530tca1519132530). For more information, see A2:112.

What resources are available to me as a student group?
For a full list of resources available, including office supplies, PR, and others, see B2:312.

Where can I find the Student Union logo?
The SU logo is available here. Please use the black and white SU logo. Email Bilal Hyder, Vice President of Public Relations ( ude.l1519132530tsuw.1519132530us@rp1519132530) with questions.

Who should I contact if I have a question about Student Union?
General inquiries can be forwarded to Tess Mandoli, Vice President of Administration ( ude.l1519132530tsuw.1519132530us@no1519132530itart1519132530sinim1519132530da1519132530).

I want to start a project at the University – who should I contact?
The Speaker of Senate ( ude.l1519132530tsuw.1519132530us@et1519132530anes1519132530) can connect you to senators and administrators to get your project started.

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