SU General Budget

General Overview

The Student Union General Budget is comprised of 1% of all undergraduate students’ tuition—which totals around $3.5 million. These funds go towards programs and initiatives that better the undergraduate experience here at WashU, through student groups, campus partnerships and Student Union events.

Each February, the Vice President of Finance presents all requests made through the General Budget for the following academic year to the legislative representatives of Senate and Treasury at a joint session. It is the job of the Senators and Treasury Representatives to recommend to the VP Finance which requests should be funded and then they ultimately vote on the final budget for the next year.

If you have any questions about the SU General Budget, feel free to reach out to the SU Vice President of Finance ( ude.l1550750906tsuw.1550750906us@ec1550750906nanif1550750906).

You can find a full breakdown of the current General Budget by going to SUFinance.wustl.edu

2019-2020 General Budget Session

On February 23rd-24th, 2019, the VP of Finance will present the unbalanced General Budget to the SU Senate and Treasury, which details all requests made for funds from the $3.6 million student activities fee for the 2019-2020 academic year. All requests can be found on SU Finance by clicking on “View General Budget” on the user portal page. You will notice that the expected revenue, comprised of 1% of all undergraduate students’ tuition, is $3,620,164.34 but the total requests currently stand at $4,175,899.03. This means that another $555,734.69 worth of requests has to be cut from our proposal. 

Our hope is to engage the student body and hear from each of you about what to keep in the proposal and what to cut. After all, this money belongs to all of us. Senate and Treasury will discuss and vote on the proposal but have some work to do before then. 

This year, all representatives have been assigned to particular sections of the budget so they can become “experts” and have a specific portion to focus on. You will find a composite at the bottom of this page that shows all the members of the Legislative bodies, their emails and the section of the budget they have been assigned—please reach out to any of them with comments/questions/concerns! 

Other than directly reaching out to Senators, Treasury Reps and myself, we have set up a few channels for you to voice your thoughts on the GeneralBudget and get involved with the process: 

  • General Budget Feedback Form: Quick and simple way to send in questions, comments and concerns to Senators and Treasury Reps 
  • Office Hours: Members of Student Union Leadership, including myself and members of Senate and Treasury Leadership, have office hours each week in the SU Office and would love to talk to you about anything General Budget related
  • Engagement Sessions: Informal sessions with Senators and Treasury Representatives, along with the VP of Finance, will be present to answer any questions and take down concerns.
    • February 8th at 3PM in the SU Office
    • February 14th at 5PM in the SU Office
    • February 22nd at 3PM in the SU Office

On February 23rd and 24th, I will present the entirety of the General Budget proposal to Senate and Treasury and they will then vote to pass recommendations for the General Budget. The joint session is open to anyone and will also be live streamed, so you are all more than welcome to engage with us there as well. The plan is to come out of the weekend with a balanced budget of $3,620,164.34 by the end of the day on the 24th that is approved by the Legislative bodies. 

Block funding groups will be voted on during the spring election on March 5th if they first receive 15% of undergraduate students’ signatures by February 21st. If you want to sign a petition for a group who is attempting to receive block funding, you can find all active petitions here. (As more budgets are submitted, the petitions will be added). 

Please do email the VP of Finance ( ude.l1550750906tsuw.1550750906us@ec1550750906nanif1550750906) if you would like to talk about anything related to the General Budget. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have about anything from the smallest details of the budget to the overall structure of SU’s financial branch. 

Our goal is to make this the most transparent General Budget yet and that means hearing from all of you! The $3.6 million is our student activities fee and at the end of this, we want it to be something we can all be proud of.