Where To Begin

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How do I get involved on campus

There are over 300 student groups on campus funded by Student Union. From sports clubs to performing arts groups, there is something for everyone. For more information about student groups check out our group directory here or attend the Activities Fair that occurs at the beginning of each semester.

I am interested in joining Student Union

Student Union wants you! There are a range of positions from committees with small time commitments to larger roles with bigger responsibilities. For updates on which positions, committees and roles are open, please see the Join SU page. If you have more questions about getting involved, please contact VP of Administration at ude.l1519132196tsuw.1519132196us@no1519132196itart1519132196sinim1519132196da1519132196.

I have a question or want to set up a meeting with someone within Student Union

Visit the Who To Contact page for a full list of Student Union officers and professional staff and who you should contact about what. For general questions, please contact VP of Administration at  ude.l1519132196tsuw.1519132196us@no1519132196itart1519132196sinim1519132196da1519132196.  

I am looking for Student Union resources and reservations

A complete list of Student Union resources and links to make reservations for the underpass and bear-bucks readers, instructional “how-to” documents, and other training resources  etc are available by clicking the tab to the left or the “Resources” link in the top menu. Please contact  ude.l1519132196tsuw.1519132196us@gn1519132196immar1519132196gorp1519132196 with any further questions! 

I am looking for the Student Union office

The Student Union office, which features meeting spaces and resources for student groups, is located on the first floor of the Danforth University Center in Room 160. If you are standing in Tisch Commons, facing the main DUC staircase, the office is to your left.  

I have a suggestion for Student Union

Great! Please use the Contact Form found here or contact ude.l1519132196tsuw.1519132196us@tn1519132196edise1519132196rp1519132196 if you would like to set up an in-person meeting. 

I am looking for something else!

If you can’t find what you are looking for and do not know who to contact specifically, you can try searching in the search field above or fill out the general questions and concerns form here.