How to Fill Balloons with the Helium Tank

Every SU Student Group can get balloons and use the helium tank in the SU office. 

Step 1: Ask the administrator/DUCSA at the front desk of the SU office to unlock the Helium Tank near the SU printers.

Step 2: The administrator/DUCSA can use their key to unlock the tank. This key is always kept at the Front Desk.

Step 3: Lift the yellow cap of the helium tank to reveal the release valve.

Step 4: Turn the valve to allow helium to flow. Remember: righty tighty, lefty loosey.

Step 5: For each balloon, place it on the black nozzle and bend the nozzle to fill the balloon.

You can ask the administrator/DUCSA for balloons if you are not filling your own.  

Step 6: Once you’re done filling balloons, close the valve, replace the cap of the helium tank, and re-lock the tank by threading the lock through the bottom hole of the tank cap.