How to Request and Make Buttons

How to Request Buttons

Every student group receives the first 100 buttons at no charge unless the buttons are being used for fundraising efforts.

Step 1: Head to SU Finance and click “Fill Out a Request Form” on the left menu

Step 2: Choose your student group, pick the event you are making buttons for or create a new one, and set the Request Type to “Interdepartmental Order”

Then click “Create Request”

Step 3: In “Step 3” of the form, set the Receiving Payment to “SU Operating”, the Billed Group to your student group, and fill out the description of the purchase.

Description of purchase should be in the format: ____ buttons at $0.15/button. We are using ____ of our 100 free buttons.

REMEMBER: If you are making more than 100 buttons, your student group must pay $0.15/button out of your student group funds.

Step 4: Print out the request form and give it to the student worker. Learn how to print in the SU Office by clicking here.

How to Make Buttons

Step 1: Ask a student worker to unlock the cabinet to give you the button maker, hole-puncher, and materials to make buttons.

TIP – SU has three sizes of button makers:

  • 2.25 inch diameter circles
  • 1.25 inch diameter circles
  • 2 inch diameter circles

Step 2: Print out your design with the SU Printers on normal printer paper.

TIP – You may need to have enlarge your design slightly because when you make buttons, the button maker wraps around the edges of the paper to cover the entire face of the button. Usually, this means making sure your button design is actually 2.5 inches in diameter: 2.25 inches for the actual graphic and the extra 0.25 inches for the button maker to use to wrap around the button’s face.

Step 3: Use this video to learn how to cut your designs out with the hole-puncher and how to use the button machine.

Step 4: Once you’re done, return the items to the button maker cabinet and ask a student worker to lock the cabinet.