How to Reserve the Underpass


  • Student groups can only reserve one underpass panel per week
  • SU-recognized groups have access to the resources in the SU paint room
  • All school departments and groups not SU-recognized must provide their own painting suppliesĀ 

NOTE: The SU Paint Room is open 10AM-6PM every Saturday and Sunday

Each underpass panel is about 6′ tall and 6’5″ wide

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on “Danforth Standard Spaces”

Step 3: Use the left menu to change the date of the reservation

Underpass reservations are only available on Saturdays
DUC Chalk Wall reservations are only available on Fridays
All reservations last exactly one week

Step 4: Add any available panels by clicking the + sign to the right of the panel’s name

Use the “Schedule” tab to see every reservation for every underpass panel

Use this image to see which panels are locatedĀ 

Step 5: Once you’ve selected your panel, click “Next Step” at the top right corner to check out

For the Department Number/Billing Reference, write “9125”