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Below are all the open applications for SU. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our VP of Administration at ude.l1542884570tsuw.1542884570us@no1542884570itart1542884570sinim1542884570da1542884570!

Chief of Staff Application

To our fellow students,

Our highest priority as an Executive Board and as a Student Union is to ensure that we are putting the best interests of the student body at the forefront of everything that we do. As we reflect on the goals we have set out to accomplish this year, our progress thus far, and the initiatives we have picked up along the way, we seek to maintain that expectation for ourselves.  At this time, we believe that we need additional support to carry out the duties and initiatives we have undertaken on your behalf. Thus, today, we are writing to invite you to apply to the Student Union Chief of Staff role.

The Chief of Staff will have the ability to support Student Union in several areas.  Below, you can find a brief description of the role.

  • Recruitment, Retention & Personnel

    • Implementation of Entrance & Exit Interviews

    • Support for facilitations in order for SU entities to meet the 100% membership diversity and relationship & sexual violence training benchmark

    • Coordination of spring appointed position recruitment

    • WUGO management

  • General Budget Support

    • Coordination of campus-wide engagement sessions prior to the General Budget session

    • Coordination with campus partners and groups for the General Budget session

    • Support for campus partners and groups in the request process

  • Special Events and Projects

    • Coordination of the Student Union roundtable series

    • Planning for fundraising events


Applicants should not read the above list and feel as though they must have a firm understanding of each responsibility.  The Chief of Staff will work in conjunction with the entirety of the 52nd Student Union Executive Board and can expect to be supported by our team.  The most important qualities to consider when deciding to apply are good project management skills, initiative, and communication.

Applications are now open and can be found at this link. Applications will be read on a rolling basis. The deadline to apply is Sunday, November 25, at 11:59pm. If you have any questions at all about the role, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Student Union President, Grace Egbo, at ude.l1542884570tsuw.1542884570us@tn1542884570edise1542884570rp1542884570.

The deadline to apply is Sunday, November 25, at 11:59pm.

Click here to find the link to the application

Senate & Treasury

Senate and Treasury are the two legislative branches of Student Union.  The primary role of Senate is to advocate for the needs and wants of the student body, through collaboration with students and administrators to complete a multitude of projects and initiatives.  The main role of Treasury is to allocate the Student Activities Fee to more than 300 student groups on campus, register and deregister student groups, and act as a liaison between student groups and the University.

There are positions open for the following bodies:

  • Senate
  • Treasury
  • Activities Committee
  • Budget Committee

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, November 28th, at 11:45 PM

Click here to find the link to the application



Over the past year, Senators have been behind a number of large-scale initiatives on campus, such as iTunes U, the Circ Tracker App, SyllabiCentral, and charger rentals in the library. And new initiatives are springing up every day—for example, currently Senators are working to create an interactive printer map of campus.

In addition to such large-scale initiatives, Senators’ responsibilities include passage of the $3.4+ million Student Union general budget and to serve as the voice of the student body to the administration. To connect with them on social media, visit https://www.facebook.com/SUSenate/

Through the Improve WashU Campaign, SU Senate asked the student body what topics they wanted Senate to focus on. The results led to the creation of four task forces: General Student Experience, Mental Health, Socioeconomic Status, and Racial Diversity. The goal of these task forces is to research their topics to identify problems, talk to relevant administrators, find solutions, and develop action plans that the task force can accomplish.

Questions? Please email the Speaker of the Senate at ude.l1542884570tsuw.1542884570us@et1542884570anes1542884570.

Treasury Representative

Treasury representatives approve the Student Union General Budget, which is over $3.4 million, and directly allocate more than $1.5 million per year to over 300 student groups.

As a Representative of the Treasury, you will be required to attend a weekly Treasury meeting – Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. You will also be required to actively participate in one of the two standing committees which meets throughout the semester.
Alternatively, appointed committee members who are not Treasury representatives do not attend the weekly Treasury meeting.

Questions? Please email the Speaker of the Treasury at ude.l1542884570tsuw.1542884570us@yr1542884570usaer1542884570t1542884570.

Activities Committee Member

The Activities Committee acts as the primary liaison between Student Union and student groups on campus. Our role is to review and approve new group registrations, supervise de-registration, and evaluate funding category change applications submitted by student groups.

Meetings are mainly comprised of hearing appeals from student groups, which are then discussed among the committee, and monitoring groups’ activity and spending records to ensure they are adhering to Student Union regulations. These meetings occur sporadically throughout the semester, with a concentrated period at in the middle of each semester.

In addition to this, Activities Committee is also the body that is in charge of planning the Activities Fair! Overall, the goal of Activities Committee is to ensure that student groups are prospering on campus.

Questions? Please email the Activities Committee Chair at  ude.l1542884570tsuw.1542884570us@se1542884570itivi1542884570tca1542884570.

Budget Committee Member

Budget Committee’s purpose is to allocate the Student Activities fee to all SU-recognized student groups each semester.  The committee divides into seven pairs called Budget Allocation Teams.  Each pair is assigned ~30 student groups.  The pairs interview these student groups to represent their interests during the allocation process.

After completing the interviews, the committee meets for ~45 hours to read through all the budgets of student groups and allocate fairly, consistently, and efficiently.  Committee members explain the rationale behind its decisions to the student groups they represent.

Questions? Please email the Budget Committee Chair at ude.l1542884570tsuw.1542884570us@te1542884570gdub1542884570.