Thank you for your interest in joining Student Union! Student Union (SU) is an extremely diverse organization with many parts. It is responsible for a range of projects, from programming events, to allocating a $3.4 million budget, to advocating for student concerns. 

Listed here are all the links to the open applications. All applications are due April 16th at 11:00 PM. For more information about each entity and/or position, feel free to read the descriptions below.

Constitutional Task Force

We are excited to launch the Constitutional Task Force (CTF) for the coming year!  The CTF will have the mission of evaluating the existing Constitution and Statutes of Student Union, determining where inconsistencies lie or where rules need to be updated, and proposing changes to address those challenges.

The CTF will convene very early in the fall semester of 2018 and will meet weekly.

Please feel free to reach out to either of the Co-Chairs of the CTF with any questions you may have:

Mia Hamernik, SU Senate Projects Committee Chair at  ude.l1534353922tsuw.1534353922us@st1534353922cejor1534353922p1534353922
Steven Kish, SU Vice President of Administration at  ude.l1534353922tsuw.1534353922us@no1534353922itart1534353922sinim1534353922da1534353922

Constitutional Task Force Application Link

Diversity Affairs Council

The Diversity Affairs Council (DAC) shall exist to foster connections between members of the campus community, and address issues so as to bring diversity to the forefront of campus-wide and administrative concerns.

Diversity shall be understood to include, but not be limited to, the philosophy, culture, class, religious beliefs, abilities, age, experiences, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation of individuals and groups on our campus.

The Diversity Affairs Council shall seek to promote this Mission through the:

  • Facilitation of dialogue, understanding, and co-programming among diversity- or multicultural -oriented individuals and/ or groups.
  • Address of relevant diversity policy issues and concerns facing the Washington University community.
  • Facilitation and coordination of diversity training sessions on campus.

Diversity Affairs Council Application Link

Engage 360

Engage 360 is Student Union’s commitment to connecting WashU students to St. Louis by developing community involvement opportunities through partnerships with local leaders and organizations. Engage 360 and various student leadership groups are pairing up to bring students into a target area in St. Louis to work at places like community gardens, foster homes, transitional homes for the homeless, and countless more.

We hope that you can bring your enthusiasm and passion for our mission and for your role in this club!
You can visit our website here: http://engage360.wustl.edu/

We currently are seeking motivated leaders to serve in the following capacities:
Community Outreach Committee Member
Campus Outreach Committee Member
Public Relations Chair

Engage 360 Application Link

Election Commissioner & Commission

Election Commissioner

The Election Commissioner serves as the chair of the Election Commission (see below) and runs all meetings of the Commission.  In addition to leading the activities of the Commission, the Election Commissioner is responsible for elections policy leadership, coordinating Constitutional and Block Funding petitioning, and preparing election materials such as online forms and election packets prior to campaign periods.

The Election Commissioner serves as a member of SU Leadership and attends bi-weekly leadership meetings.  Additionally, the Election Commissioner should be present at Senate and/or Treasury meetings during the campaign period.

Election Commission Member

The Election Commission is the body responsible for Student Union’s election rules, their implementation, and deciding what to do when they are violated.

Each year, we run three election cycles.  First Year Class Council elections are held in September to elect members to program for the first year class.  Fall elections occur in November when half of SU Senate and half of SU Treasury are elected along with Arts & Sciences Council.  During spring elections in March, we elect the members of our Executive Board, the other half of the Senate and Treasury bodies, and the remainder of the class and school councils.

The Election Commission meets sporadically throughout the year to review our rules, improve our policies, and gather feedback from Student Union officers and the student body on those policies.  Each of the three election cycles lasts for one week, and during this week, we will meet almost every day to make determinations about any campaign violations that may arise.

Election Commissioner and Commission Application Link

Financial Task Force

In efforts to make sure Student Union is best able to serve the financial needs of the student body, this task force will critically examine SU’s financial policies and procedures. By incorporating a variety of voices from across campus, we will foster thoughtful discussions that will lead us to enact changes that will make our financial structure easier to navigate, more transparent and ultimately serve the best interests of the student body. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to VP of Finance, Shelly Gupta, at  ude.l1534353922tsuw.1534353922us@ec1534353922nanif1534353922.

Financial Task Force Application Link

Opportunity Fund Task Force

This past Fall, Student Union initiated the Opportunity Fund, a resource meant to help students of all socioeconomic statuses have the opportunity to participate in the activities WashU offers. This task force is a group of student representatives who will work to greatly expand, design, and oversee the fund.

If you are interested in learning more about the mission of the Opportunity Fund, refer to this StudLife article written by our previous SU President.

Thank you for your interest in joining this important initiative — we are looking for dedicated individuals to join our team!

Opportunity Fund Task Force Application Link

SU Public Relations Team

As a SUPR member, you would help to provide student groups on campus with a myriad of PR resources, including photography, graphic design, and videography to name a few. SUPR members must be flexible in both their time and creativity. Often the job requires you to interact directly with student groups and help make their ideas into reality.

In terms of time commitment, you decide what assignments you take on a first-come, first-serve basis. The SUPR team will also meet a few times throughout the semester with the VP of Public Relations as well as the Project Manager. This is a paid position where your income is based on the number of assignments you take. Those chosen to be a part of SUPR from this application will be able to start taking assignments this Fall.

SUPR Application Link

Student Environmental Council


The Student Environmental Council (SEC) is an entity of the Student Union (SU) at Washington University in St. Louis. SEC advises and coordinates among Student Union, Student Groups, and the University to improve environmental affairs, including but not limited to sustainable operations, environmental justice, and conservation efforts. SEC initiates and promotes practical sustainability measures for incorporation into University programs, events, and initiatives. Members support and initiate projects that benefit the student body and promote an ethos of sustainability and stewardship of the environment on campus.
Student Environmental Council (SEC) President

  1. Plans and executes SEC sponsored and co-sponsored events. (Including Trending Topics, Earth Week, etc.)
  2. Acts as point-person to Washington University students and faculty on student environmental affairs.
  3. Decides upon a university wide environmental initiative at the beginning of term and organizes students and staff to achieve this goal.
  4. Directly advises and collaborates with the Student Union President on matters relating to the sustainable operations of Student Union and of the University at large. Meets weekly or bi-weekly with SU President to advise, receive advises, and share resources.
  5. Plans and convenes weekly Executive Board Meetings.
  6. Works to track progress and encourage accountability of Executive Board members.
  7. Meets weekly or bi-weekly with Office of Sustainability to provide updates on student affairs, receive updates on Office affairs, and to collaborate on projects and events.
  8. Attends all Student Green Council (SGC) meetings and takes meeting minutes.
  9. Attends Student Union Leadership meetings. If they cannot attend, they are responsible for getting another Executive Board member to go in their place. Provides SEC updates at SU Leadership.
Student Environmental Council (SEC) Treasurer

  1. Is responsible for internal finances of SEC.
  2. Submits annual budget, requests, and appeals for the operations of the SEC.
  3. Is esponsible for submitting the Speaker Series request form.
  4. Attends weekly SEC Exec meetings.

Student Green Council (SGC) Chair

The Student Green Council Chair (SGC Chair) heads the Student Green Council, which is a collection of students interested in participating in a student sustainability community and monthly meetings. SGC chair actively enhances collaboration, communication, and community building among “green” groups. The SGC Chair is expected to support the Student Environmental Council (SEC) President with the integration of sustainability into Student Union, convene SGC monthly meetings, plan events each semester open to the entire student body, support member group events, maintain and update social media accounts, and meet with the SEC executive board. If no treasurer is chosen, this role will split treasurer responsibilities with SSB Finance Chair.

SEC Application Link