Judicial Branch

Constitutional Council

Constitutional Council is the main Judicial Body of the Student Union of Washington University in Saint Louis. It is comprised of four Associate Justices, one Chief Justice, and one Alternate Justice. Members serve until they retire and primary duties include interpreting, reviewing, and updating the constitution and statutes at least once per semester.

The Constitutional Council is charged with undertaking the duties and responsibilities as set forth in Article 5, Section 1 of the Constitution of the Student Union of Washington University in Saint Louis. The Constitutional Council is committed to fulfilling its role as final arbiter of issues pertaining to the Constitution objectively and after thorough, thoughtful deliberations. The Council will hold itself to the highest ethical standards when considering matters before it and will undertake rulings impartially and will avoid conflicts of interest. Individuals appearing before the Constitutional Council will be treated with respect and dignity, as will members of the Constitutional Council, during all meetings and deliberations.

Representatives of the Judicial Branch are appointed by the President, confirmed by the Legislative Branch, and serve until they retire.


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Election Commission

The election commission is comprised of the Election Commissioner and any number of election commission members. The election commission exists to generate interest in elections through creative promotion during election periods. Goals include increasing voter turnout as well as motivating students to run for office. The Commissioner also oversees the management of the election, including upholding posting policies and other rules of the election, tallying votes, and running the polls.

For more information email the Election Commissioner at ude.l1537397123tsuw.1537397123us@sn1537397123oitce1537397123le1537397123.