Constitutional Council

Constitutional Council 2017-2018: Eli Scher-Zagier, Meg Stolberg, Hannah Kirley, Jack Broitman, Tobi Henzer, Andrea Tam, Toni Aguilar Rosenthal, Dan Sicorsky

Student Union (SU) Constitution and Statutes

Constitutional Council is responsible for updating and maintaining the SU Constitution and Statutes.  The Council also looks to the the Constitution and Statutes when considering interpretation requests.

SU Constitution

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SU Statutes

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Submit an Interpretation Request

In order to call  into question the actions of Student Union or a Student Union representative, you must submit an interpretation request to the Constitutional Council.

In order to give the Constitutional Council enough background information to fairly and comprehensively evaluate your complaint or question, we ask that you fill out an Interpretation Request Form.

Contact Your Constitutional Council

Fill out the CONTACT FORM HERE and select “Judicial/Constitutional” from the “Category” drop-down menu. You may also email the Chief Justice at ude.l1524804753tsuw.1524804753us@la1524804753icidu1524804753j1524804753

Past Opinions

4/24/2018 Diversity Affairs Council Co-Chairs
4/24/2018 Diversity Affairs Council Manifesto
4/24/2018 SUPR
3/21/2018 Class Council President Vacancy
3/21/2018 VP Finance Vacancy
3/20/2018 Write-in from abroad
2/2/2018 Constitutional Amendment Petition
11/11/2017 Senate Election Disqualifications
9/18/2017 Senate Vacancies
2/24/2017 Recall Petition
2/13/2017 Student Union Executive Office Requirements
2/8/2017 Planned Parenthood letter to president
12/8/2016 Sanctuary Campus, concurring judgements and dissenting opinions
10/19/2016 Senior Class Council Vacancies
9/26/2016 Treasury Committee Appointments
11/19/2015 Arts & Sciences Council Constitution
11/5/2015 Two Year Block Funding
11/4/2015 Tied Treasury Election Results
12/11/2014 Engineering Council Election Process
12/11/2014 Engineering Council Election Process, concurring
11/9/2014 Class Council Constitution Implementation
11/9/2014 Class Council Constitution Implementation, concurring opinion
10/30/2014 Block Funding and Petition Signatures
3/25/2013 Fraternity Block Funding
2/25/2013 Compensation for Student Executives
11/1/2011 Absentee Voting in the Legislative Process
4/7/2011 Foreign Exchange Students voting in Student Union Elections
2011 Students Abroad and Student Activity Fees
11/1/2010 Personal Senate Projects
11/1/2010 Personal Senate Projects, concurring opinion
11/10/2009 Equipment Committee Recommendation
4/22/2009 Election Commissioner
 3/25/2009 Running from Abroad

Student Union Group Governing Documents

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Student Group Constitution Builder

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