Mental Health Fund


The Student Union Mental Health Fund is designed to alleviate financial burden placed on students from low-income backgrounds in need of mental health treatment by meeting specific needs directly or indirectly related to the cost of mental health treatment.

1. Who is eligible for this fund?

Eligible students for 2019-2020 should have received an email in September 2019.

2. How do I apply for this fund?

The first step to applying for funding is to fill out the online application form. The form can be found on the Office for Student Success website.

3. How much money can I request from this fund?

The form is on a semesterly basis. Students should keep in mind recommended frequency of appointments when applying. Students are encouraged to request what they need, but the fund is limited and seeks to serve as many students as possible.

4. What does this fund cover?

The Student Union Mental Health fund covers mental health treatment costs in areas that include, but are not limited to: the direct cost (i.e. copay) of mental health treatment, transportation to and from treatment, testing associated with treatment, and medication associated with treatment.

5. Can I keep the money that is unused from my request?

All unused money will be returned to the Office for Student Success at the end of the school year.

6. What role does Student Union play in regards to this fund?

Student Union values the confidentiality of students seeking these funds; therefore, is only involved in setting the framework around the dissemination of funds. No Student Union officer, or any student, has any knowledge of the students eligible and applying for the funds.

7. What role does the Habif Health & Wellness Center play in regards to this fund?

Students who apply for funding are recommended, but not required, to connect with the Habif Health & Wellness Center’s Care Manager, Missy Showalter, who can be contacted at Missy can help students find off-campus mental health care providers and work directly to support them in whatever way they need.

8. Where can I get more information about this fund?

Please refer to the Office for Student Success Website for more detailed information about the fund. Also, you can reach out to Lucy Chin, Coordinator for Student Suc- cess at If you have specific questions or would like meet with Lucy, please set up a meeting or visit her in the Office for Student Success Suite in the Women’s Building during her Drop-In Hours, held every Monday from 10:00AM–12:00PM and Friday from 1:30PM-3:30PM.