SU Group Recognition Application

At the beginning of every semester, the Activities Committee of SU Treasury accepts applications for SU Recognition of student groups. This includes both brand new student groups as well as current non-SU recognized student groups. Each applicant will give a brief presentation and have a Q&A session with the committee as a part of the review process.

Some perks of being an SU Recognized student group include:

  • Ability to request for funds to finance your student group
  • Access to any SU Office resources including printing
  • Storage options for your student group

If your student group is interested in applying for SU Recognition, click here to fill out the New SU Student Group Recognition Application. 

The registration should take you about 15 minutes, and will require:

  1. Names and WUSTL email addresses of the President and Treasurer, as well as at least three other group members.
  2. Description of your group.
  3. A digital copy of your group’s constitution. It is recommended that you review the Sample Group Constitution when drafting a new constitution.
  4. An optional image to upload as the group’s WUGO profile picture.

If you have any questions, please email the Activities Committee Chair at