Current Officers


Executive Branch

Sydney Robinson, President:  ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@tn1519132079edise1519132079rp1519132079
Talk to her about SU information, SU’s long term plans, and general inquiries
       Office Hours: M/W/F: 11am-1pm
Tess Mandoli, Vice President of Administration:  ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@no1519132079itart1519132079sinim1519132079da1519132079
Talk to her about SU information, general inquiries, and internal SU policies
       Office Hours: M: 10:30am-12:30pm, T/Th: 1:30pm-3pm, F: 10am-11am
Iliana Ragnone, Vice President of Finance:  ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@ec1519132079nanif1519132079
Talk to her about budgets, Executive Appeals, and financial policies
       Office Hours: M: 1pm-3pm, Th: 12:30pm-2:30pm, F: 11am-12pm
Kyle Jeter, Vice President of Programming:  ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@gn1519132079immar1519132079gorp1519132079
Talk to him about SU resources and general programming advice
       Office Hours: M: 12pm-3pm, W: 11:30pm-1:30pm
Bilal Hyder, Vice President of Public Relations:  ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@rp1519132079
Talk to him about SU resources and advertising resources/reservations
       Office Hours: T: 2:30pm-3pm, T: 4pm-5pm, Th: 2:30pm-4pm, F: 3pm-5pm

Legislative Branch


Alia Nahra, Speaker of the Treasury: ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@yr1519132079usaer1519132079t1519132079
Talk to her about Treasury in general, appeals, and the Trending Topics Series
       Office Hours: M: 2pm-3:30pm, W: 2:30pm-4:30pm
Shelly Gupta, Budget Committee Chair: ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@te1519132079gdub1519132079
Talk to her about your group’s budget
       Office Hours: T/Th: 2:30pm-4pm
Andrew Kocins,  Activities Committee Chair, ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@se1519132079itivi1519132079tca1519132079
Talk to him about your new group’s application and changing categories
       Office Hours: T: 3pm-4pm, W: 12pm-2pm


Brian Adler, Speaker of the Senate: ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@et1519132079anes1519132079
Talk to him about advocacy projects at Washington University
       Office Hours: M/W: 11:30am-1pm
Olivia Williams, Outreach Committee Chair: ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@hc1519132079aertu1519132079o1519132079
Talk to her about academic policies at Washington University
       Office Hours: T/Th: 12pm-1:30pm
Jeff Berkowitz, Projects Committee Chair: ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@st1519132079cejor1519132079p1519132079
Talk to him about dining, parking, and any other university services
       Office Hours: M/W: 1pm-2:30pm
Joey Vettiankal, Resolutions Committee Chair: resolutions@su.wustl.edu
Talk to him about non-academic policies at Washington University
       Office Hours: M/W: 2pm-3:30pm

Judicial Branch

Tobi Henzer, Chief Justice of Constitutional Council: ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@la1519132079icidu1519132079j1519132079
       Office Hours: M: 4:15pm-5:45pm
Steven Kish, Student Union Election Commissioner: ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@sn1519132079oitce1519132079le1519132079
       Office Hours: T: 2:30pm-4pm, Th: 2:30pm-4pm
Talk to them about the SU Constitution and upcoming elections 

Executive Entities

Joy Korley, Diversity Affairs Council Chair: ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@ca1519132079d1519132079
Talk to her about diversity issues at Washington University

Nick Kosinski and Chris Zhang, Engage 360 Co-Presidents: ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@0615191320793egag1519132079ne1519132079
Talk to them about community service opportunities in the St. Louis area for your student group

Ingrid Archibald, Executive Advisor for Sustainability: ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@sa1519132079e1519132079
Talk to her about sustainability initiatives at Washington University

Dina Guilak, Social Programming Board President: ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079bps@t1519132079nedis1519132079erp1519132079
Talk to her about W.I.L.D., concerts, happy hours, and comedy shows

Erin Waldman and Thomas Van Horn, LIVE President:  moc.l1519132079iamg@1519132079uhsaw1519132079evil1519132079
Talk to them about educational opportunities and programming focused on topical issues related to Interpersonal Violence

Class Councils

Bill Feng, Senior Class President: ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@ro1519132079ines1519132079
Florence Murabito,  Junior Class President:  ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@ro1519132079inuj1519132079
Kendrick Rogers, Sophomore Class President: ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@er1519132079omohp1519132079os1519132079
Spencer Stewart, First Year Class President: ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@ra1519132079eytsr1519132079if1519132079
Talk to them about class unity programs and year-specific campus projects

School Councils

Jojo Yee, Architecture School Council President:  ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@er1519132079utcet1519132079ihcra1519132079
Alyse Gellis, Art School Council:  ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@li1519132079cnuoc1519132079tra1519132079
Anthony Scales, Arts & Sciences Council:  ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@li1519132079cnuoc1519132079icstr1519132079a1519132079
Marni Widen, Olin Business Council President:  ude.l1519132079tsuw.1519132079us@cb1519132079o1519132079
Tristram Wilson, EnCouncil President:  ude.l1519132079tsuw@1519132079licnu1519132079ocne1519132079
Talk to them about school related projects and programs

Professional Staff

Janice Davidse, SU Business Manager: ude.l1519132079tsuw@1519132079esdiv1519132079ad.ec1519132079inaj1519132079
Katie Chandler, SU Business Coordinator: ude.l1519132079tsuw@1519132079reldn1519132079ahc.e1519132079itak1519132079
Cathy Winter, SU Business Coordinator: ude.l1519132079tsuw@1519132079retni1519132079w.eni1519132079rehta1519132079c1519132079
Cynthia Bowdry, SU Business Coordinator: ude.l1519132079tsuw@1519132079yrdwo1519132079b.aih1519132079tnyc1519132079
Talk to them about SU finances
Eric Suiter, SU Technology Manager:  ude.l1519132079tsuw@1519132079retiu1519132079s.cir1519132079e1519132079
Talk to him about your group’s website or email account