SU Events

Below are some of the events SU programs for all undergraduates.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Vice President of Programming:


WILD is a semesterly concert that is free for all undergraduate students on Brookings Quad.

SU Game Day

SU programs tailgates around the WashU sports teams home games to increase Washington University pride and bring the school community together.

Trending Topics

Trending Topics is the annual Student Union speaker series funded by the SU Treasury.

SPB Comedy Show

SPB programs a semesterly comedy show that is free for all undergraduate students. 

Activities Fair

Every semester, SU coordinates an Activities Fair where students have the opportunity to meet every student group at WashU.

EnCouncil Vertigo

EnCouncil throws a giant rave held in the engineering school. 

General Budget Session

Early Spring Semester, the SU Senate and Treasury meet to help the VP of Finance balance SU’s annual general budget.

Tuition Forum

Every Fall, SU hosts the annual tuition forum where WashU administration presents information about the university’s spending and tuition changes.

SUp All Night

SU throws this event for all first-years to introduce them to all of the different SU entities.

Senior Week

The Senior Class Council programs an entire week of activities for graduating seniors the week between Spring Finals and Commencement.