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Various formats (PNG, EPS) of the Student Union logos can be found here.

The brand guidelines document can be found here.

SU Public Relations (SUPR) Creative Team

Student groups seeking promotional resources or assistance are encouraged to contact the Student Union Public Relations (SUPR) Creative Team. The SUPR Creative Team consists of Washington University undergraduates with expertise in creative fields or marketing who work to provide free professional services to student groups

Category I groups are provided 8 free hours of SUPR services, Category II groups are provided 6 free hours, and Category III groups are provided 4 free hours. Any additional hours of services may be billable to the student group. Upon submitting a project request, an estimated number of hours for a project will be provided (dependent on SUPR’s availability). Additional requests can be made and are accepted based on availability.

Available resources include, but are not limited to:

  • Flyer and poster design (SUPR is not responsible for printing or posting flyers) (approx. two hours).
  • Logo design (approx. three hours)
  • Website creation assistance through Student Union’s WordPress platform (SUPR will guide a group member through website maintenance but is not able to provide content or act as a webmaster) (approx. three hours)
  • Event photography (varies per event)
  • Headshots for group members (varies by number of members)

Groups are encouraged to request projects as far in advance as possible, as quick turnarounds cannot always be possible. SUPR cannot guarantee any work to be completed with less than 10 days’ notice unless otherwise noted.

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I understand that SUPR cannot guarantee any work to be completed with less than 10 days’ notice

I understand that failure to respond to an email about my project from the SUPR Project Manager or VP of Public Relations within 3 days will result in the deprioritization of my project