Treasurer’s Corner

Important Dates

P&T Emails

September 13: New group applications and category changes due at 11:45pm

September 14 – 22: Activities Committee meeting for new group application and category changes

September 24: Treasury approves new group application and category changes 

September 27: Spring 2020 budgets due for category 1 and category 2 student groups at 5pm

October 2: Spring 2020 budgets due for newly recognized student groups and category changes at 11:45pm

October 3 – 28: Budget Committee – Allocation Meetings

November 1: Spring 2020 budgets released 

December 3: Last day to use the SU credit card

December 8: Last day to program

December 10: Last day to turn in expense request forms 

December 10: Last day to request a carryforward   

December 12: No access to SU Finance

Holy Grail Treasurer Documents

SU Financial Guide

This document has EVERYTHING you need to know about managing finances with SU. 

Budgeting One Pager

A one-page overview of all the budget caps and room/service prices

Student Group Training Slides

Missed the training or need a refresher on how to be a treasurer? Check out these slides!

Fiscal FOMO Videos

See step-by-step how to do everything you’ll need to do as a treasurer for your student group.

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